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Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Storm Before The Calm; 2 Weeks To Go

Assalamualaikum and hi!! its me again, cant help but feel overwhelming about my pregnancy..annoying enough??

How far is the Journey: 38 weeks going to 39, baby's progressing is almost complete :)

Weight Gain: Arghh i dont want to mention it here, but u can guess,  Im huge as elephant now, but probably a baby elephant bukan mak or bapak elepehant yer :) :) But still both baby n my weight is within a normal ranges. Thanx God, obesity, or diabetes, or high blood pressure doesnt hit me. Big applause to myself woooo-hooooo!!

this pic taken at week 34 kot..by this week, im bigger than this lorr.. not gonne show u myself.
photo taken n edited by my lovely husbeng..tq deh

In terms of little A (ok A is referring to my unborn because i've decided that his name will start with A, the second baby will be B- and i'll complete it to Z-  Whattttt??????) , i had an ultrasound check last week, and he's weighing 2.6 kg and looking great! His head is making an engagement "way down there" and i got to see his little face, and he's looking like me. what??? seriously he is but i remember back what my lecturer said about 3d/4d scan. the image of ur baby might look like Shah Rukh Khan, but whenever he's born, he's looking like Pak Mat..haha.. Looking at the screen, i saw the face with his precious mouth opening and closing..owh im about to burst a tears.. ;)
Oi chubby oiii..mulut pon muncung jerr..cam pelik je tgk ni, tergelak pon ado

He looks so different from the last ultrasound (when he was slightly frightening-looking-u know like skeletal and stuff). Im happy to say that he's much baby-like now, i saw his fingers, and they look pudgy and his face is the most precious thing i've ever seeen, ever!

and these are my favourite pregnancy book.. the illustration are fancy and the lines are super sweet.. keep this book once u're pregnant..it a great guidelines for a 1st timer mom..

Baby and Mom's stuff: I've packed mostly everything, the hospital bag and car seat already in the car. I even bought some snacks: some crackers, dates and air zam-zam, gotta keep the husband energized, so that he can stick with me no matter how long it takes!

some baby stuffs..and spot the hospital bag..murah rezeki my boy..belom lahir lg dpt byk hadiah..and this baby baby cot also a gift. :)

Outfit: i dont have that many maternity dress, cause i thought i dont need it forever. Just few is enough. i have a pair of PINK jeans and then its mostly summer dresses. just two weeks to go and these boring outfits wont kill me ..i guess :)

summer dress should be ok to be worn while u're pregnant..6 months pregnant me

Cardigan/jacket is a must item for pregnant me.. as long as u're comfortable, then go for it!

Sleep: Sleeping at night is not as great as before as i can feel the baby moving so actively and somehow it hurts my pelvic floor. I feel the tingling sensation at both of my tights. But its ok, this feeling might be a preparation before a real labour pain arrives. And yeah its challenging, but in a very beautiful way. i would happy to enjoy this feeling while its sooner will be ended and im eagerly waiting for the moment as the next milestone.

Craving: Chocolate! i never a big fan of chocolate, but these pregnancy hormones has shifted my eating pattern totatly.. i go wild for chocolate and i just love desserts.. not good right??? But the good news is i always keep myself hydrated, hydrated and hydrated. And good hydration is good for laboring, so why i should stop.

Emotions: eh! im a bit sensitive lately.. actually its not me, but somehow when people keep saying im fat, its somehow bringing me down.. someone requested for my photo just to check the bigger version of me, siap ade yg buat report yg i look bigger to my mom.. Eh! sedih jugak la den..

What i Miss: i miss my jeanssssssssssssssssssss...thats all

8 months pregnant me..huge enough??? jeles!

Hopes and Prayers: I really hope that i'll be able to get into the mental zone necessary to deal with birth pains. i pray for every second that my baby will be born healthily and i have the chance to hold him and feel closer to him. yes he is so close to me, in fact he's inside me, but sometimes it feels like he is furthers and nowhere to be found. Untill we meet one day dear..

by the window, untill we meet one day ya my boy..be a good boy deh

Husband's Updates: I cant tell how much i love to see the look on his face whenever i was like "da rase nak beranak tulonnnnnnnnnnnn" that panic look would go like "eh biar betol jom g hospital" and me was like "lexx luuuu". And in terms of his impending fatherhood, he seems as even keel as ever. over the night we had a great conversation about our soon-to-be delivered baby, what his name would be and u know just about anything. Its a great heart-to-heart conversation that make me realize how mature my husband is- comparing to me- who always came up with unnecessary questions.

ok that's all . Have a great day everyone..and pray for me ya! see u

byeee..doakan i kurus pasni.....woo hoooooooooo..

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