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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Meet Another 'Ahmad' in The House

Dear A,
My rock of proportions,
I couldn't have done without u,

And this entry is specially written for u..
Because i always know that u're the biggest fan of me..
And i know u'll enjoy every single word of it..
So here it is..
The 1st entry ever featuring our little Arish


And so..............
2014 was the shortEST, greatEST, wonderfulEST year ever and i have like millions of words to be written here, but yet i don't know where to start.

Being pregnant means having all the attention from him. TQ so much for making it as the best experience ever.

My Birthing Story; The Night Before

It was September 25th 2014 and i was technically 40 weeks pregnant.

It was a beautiful relaxing night and i was scheduled to meet the gynae at 3 pm tomorow. My husband had decided to spend the night going out for shopping. It was my idea actually, but typical me always blame him for no reason hahaha wtf..We walked to the mall holding hands and having a great conversation of what might happen tomorrow, it was both lovely and surreal. After done shopping, we head home spending the night talking...or perhaps not much. All i can remember was lying down by his side with the strange feeling of "my life is about to change forever".

I'd kept hoping that i would go into the labor naturally, i dont want to be induced. Even though the due date is tomorrow, but nothing seems to kick labor into gear. And even though there had been a few evenings with patterns of contraction, but they died out after 15 mins or so.

2am September 26th 2014:

I felt the urgency to go to toilet, but then nothing ever happen. I think it was the early signs that the baby is arriving very soon. Myself was constantly going to toilet but seriously i cant pee or poo..The contraction wasnt arrive yet and i just went back to sleep and again, i cant sleep. I've been wandering around the house and suddently i felt the contractions. It wasnt hurt tho, but i can feel it every 15 minutes. I woke my husband up and he keeps asking to go to hospital. Oh man, relax..i didnt want to go yet, just afraid it might be a false alarm.

The contractions continue after almost an hour and i agreed to go to hospital. Before that,  i drank a cup of milo with butter ( yg ni tips penah bace kat internet to ease the delivery process, and i think it works for me: bancuh milo with 2 spoon of butter, then minum)

4 am : We went to the hospital. I remember asking him to drive slowly, i realy afraid that it was only false alarm. I remember walking in by the same doors i used to walk for my checkups routine and feeling like i was in dream. The hustle and bustle of the day that i normally saw had given way to an eerie silence. sobs sobs i was so scared but i didnt show it off..

We walked to the birthing unit, they weighed me then we went to the pre-labor room. The nurse on duty came in to check me. Oh man, it didnt hurt but a coward me already scream. I was only 3cm dilated and i shed my first tears of the night. "im sorry, im so weak" Labor hadnt even started and i was already crying................. >punch me on the face pls<

The contractions kept going and i asked the nurse to check me again.. Damn nurse said that for the first timer, the dilation is very slow..hello i was so hurt, pls come and check over me again..
ok it was 5cm already..see, mine was quite fast even is was my 1st delivery.. say hello to the labor room.. TAKUT GILER

And there, by Allah's grace, i had a painful, very painful contraction, then another, then another. For the next hour, the contractions started getting more uncormfortable and more intense as things progress. I remember the gynae asked my husband to put his fingers in my drinks and forgive me for everything. God, at this point i realized i've made lots of sins. But i always knew that he always forgive me and giving me chances.. tq syg.. u made me strong..

My husband started hugging me, holding my hands and together we resided the Dua' and i am grateful to have a gynae who also encourage me to keep praying.. She even praised on how strong i was for being the first timer.. :)

Doa Nabi Yunus minta dipermudahkan urusan bersalin. Alhamdulilah pengalaman bersalin dipermudahkan dgn izin'Nya.

Things were progressing at a good rhythm, but at this point i started to feel weaker, but when i looked at my husband, i saw him shed a tears while holding my hands. He told me that he could not believe that i was so strong. Oh man, i started over and tried to be strong. My husband was so great about keeping me motivated. He keeps saying "u can do it, everything's going to be ok" and it helps me lot.. I was refused to have the epidural even though the nurse kept offering one, saying that im not strong enough, damn u.. i was so glad that i didnt take the epidural, i can do it naturally..

Once i've got the urge to push, they checked me again. i think at this point i was naked from the waist down but i didnt care, modesty wasnt anywhere on my radar now. Luckily, i just have my husband in labour room and the rest were medical team. And that's what i've requested for.

Been in labor room for 3 hours and half, about an hour or more of pushing out the baby. I was definitely delirious by now. My memories of it feel like a dream or rather a nightmare. But the good thing was i didnt even scream not even once.. sakit tu mmg sangat la sakit, kalo x sakit, then what's so great of being a mom?

'Push like u're pooping' shout the nurses and doctor..when the nurse said, ' I can see his head' everything went easier and faster..Knowing that the end was right there in front of me, it motivated me to push and push and pushhhh. With another push, the head was out, and it felt so good and another push the body was out too YAY!

I dont remember what i felt after that. I think it was blank, emotionally blank. There were a sense of relief, but a blank relief, i dont know what it was. Arish went straight to me with the umbilical cord attached. And with the next contraction, i push out the placenta.. HOLA!

Its finally the time to rest and get to know our little Arish personally.. Hello there! mommy just popping u out..Nice to meet u boy.

And thus the parenthood begins

So i have lots to be thankful for. Arish was born healthy. He latched on to breastfeed immediately. The natural labor and fast delivery process (only took about 3 hours), with no pitocin or pain meds, just like what we've planned.

My favourite photo of Arish during his 1st few days of life.

Allah has gave my husband the strength during the most difficult situation we've ever been through. And the pain i went through was unbelievable and the recovery process was also very fast; by the 5th day of Arish's life i was able to bring him to the paedetrician and i could walk normally again. By day 14, i was spending the day looking for some groceries at mall. Alhamdulillah.At this point, i look almost like i did before pregnancy (except for the extra 4kgs), God blessed us immensely.

3 months Arish with mommy.
And my boy, Arish, his name is realy reflecting his personality. We've chosem Arish which means "the brave soldier". This little dude is really something. He acted like nothing ever happen during his first visit for injection, not even cry, even the Paed was so suprised and said '"nampak kuat". Yes he is.. tak banyak meragam and nangis. Malam2 pon bangun minum susu dan akan tidur balik. tak nangis langsung. (Look at his mom, she's wearing celoreng skirt for the baby-mommy photoshoot. Dari dulu lg minat askar..)

After all, we are the happy parents.

And Long story short,
it strengthen our relationship

For all first time mommy to be out there, dont worry to much. Dont go wild reading a difficult time in labor room. That's only will scare u. Keep on praying. Sakit itu pasti doakan semunya dipercepatkan dan dipermudahkan. 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tempat Menarik Kat Penang; Penang Time Tunnel & 3D Art Street

Im In Penang!!

Hola! So it was a short vacation at Penang. Penang would be a good choice for this time holiday. sambil balik jumpe in laws, sambil jalan2..ok lah kan.. before that, breakfast dulu..prepared by my in law.. me??? bangun pon lambat, nak masok cenggini? jgn harap... hahaha 

breakfast cani barula bertenaga nak jenjalan ye dok?

 so here we gooooooooooooo............
Riding a motorbike would be so much fun..because driving a car these days would be damnn boring..jamming yaws!
the great view of Penang.
Riding a bike on a ferry.

So the initial plan was to go to Bukit Bendera, naik tren and kabel car and having a great view of Penang from there..but then we cancelled it.. Ramai sgt eh yg dok beratur beli tiket..

And then we end up visiting a museum: Penang Time Tunnel and 3D Mural Art Street.. i like the place... dari luar nampak biase2 macam typical chinese shop lot at an old British building tp bile masuk dalam baru nampak keluarbiasaanya..

ade gaye minah rempit x??

The ticket is quite cheap..for adult with Mycard is only rm 15..for kids lupe plak bape yg aku ingat mamak yg jual tiket tu mmg ensem abis..

ensem kan?

ok so mule2 masuk korang akan jumpe ala yg selalu dok ade dalam buku sejarah kite dulu2 tu..Captain Francis Light tu,,ingat ke idok? rasenye korang akan ingat kot sbb posing die dari dulu smpai skang same je..x berubah pon..

Basically dlm time tunnel tu banyak cite sejarah pembukaan Penang..bagus jugaklah untuk refresh macamane org2 dulu berjuang nak dptkan hak kemerdekaan.. rasenye bagus juga kalo bawa rombongan budak2 sekolah datang sini..

Tp kan kalo masuk sensorang waktu malam takut jugak..sbb mostly byk patung2yg menggambarkan kehidupan masyarakat zaman dulu ade kt sini..cer bayang kan kalo sume ni ni hidup mcm dlm ciite The Nigt At Museum tu x ke ketor kepale lutut..

Gamoknye tgh diskus nak kurangkan rege minyok ..

Geng2 Baba dan Nyonya 

Actually banyak lagi yg ade kt Time Tunnel ni tp aku xdelah amek gamba sume benda..tp yg paling best kt sini bile dah masuk 3D art corner..sape2 yg giler bergambar mmg suke punyelah dtg sini..jgn risau yg datang berdua and dua2 gile bergamba tu, xpe dorang mmg ltak staff yg akan tolong snap gamba utk korang.. kitorang pon ape lagi mmg bergamba jela kt cni.

Acah2 minum kopi wekk

naek beskal tua

Jumpe Abang Bean 

Naek Beca round Penang



Yang ni paling best...cam ye ye je

Yang ni plak fluruosent..bilik ni gelap..bile amek gamba baru nampak cenggini..fairy tale abes..

yang ni plak gamba berkonsepkan cermin,,ntah cane nak explain..kene datang sendiri baru tahu..

ok udah2 ler..meh balik rindu anak dah ni..byeee

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