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Thursday, 13 October 2011

X suke dok depan

New sem, new seat... N guest where? 1st row, just next to the door..n what can I say is.. It can be traumatizing sometimes.. Yes! Seriously it is!

Y I said so? Bcoz lecturers just love me.. Seriously they just love me for no reason.. They love to ask me questions that I think I never learn any.. Arghh

But the good new is, I had made a startling scientific discoveries about my intelligence and even reduced it to a working formula..
MY IQ = dirty socks at the laundry room at uia's hostel
But then it's ok.. The most important thing is to always remain calm and try to handle personal problems in a private and mature manner.. Ye ye je

Don't worry Hana.. U'l be just fine.. Coz I'm always confident.. N somehow, I just answered randomly and sorry to say ,sometimes it was correct.. Haha!
So as a conclusion, sitting in the first row is kinda interesting .. wanna switch ur seat with me?You know that
lecturers sometimes prefer to ask and pay attention to those at the back.. Hehe.. Beware ye sape yg kat belakang tu..
But my biggest problem is... I cannot sleep at all.. Even ngantok sgt2 pon.. Huhu.. N the point is, I cannot switch my seat for this entire sem, coz my classmates seems to seat at the same spot each and every classes... LAME!!!! I hate everybodyyyyyyyy.. Plz let me hv my seat at the back once in a while plss!!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

I'm sorry!

Last nite was the Most embrassing moment that ever happened to me..sob sob, doremong, plz let me borrow ur time machine..so that I can reverse the time to yesterday and fix everything..plzz,,i'l give u dorayaki in return...
Well it was at the swimming pool and...and ..and...should I write it here? Hmm..I don't think so..but to those friends who noticed it, I apologize for not being aware of what I'm wearing..I'm so sorry..a million sorry..I realized it, but then it's too late..I'm sorry again

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

He's going to be a naaaavyyyyyy

Every nite in my dreams
I see you
I feel you
That is how I know u go on
Near , far, wherever you are..(in extremely high pitch)
I believe that my heart will go on..
What the next lyric aa?

Enough enough !
I warn you I'm not Celine dion or Christina aguilera, but I can't help my beautiful voice when it comes to singing..really sorry for dat

Btw, I just woke up, and I was a in a decent mood..hmmm..for about 30 seconds..
All the memories with ' a-navy-to-be'came flooding in my mind like a massive tidal wave..why on earth I still thinking of him? He was a total jerk that I must get rid of..yes I have to be strong!!! But then I'm thinking to give him a bouquet of roses that I can order from Sarah, just to congrats him on his graduation day..next couple weeks from now..
i want to bomb those who design the navy's uniform..if they dont hv this kind of  uniform, i wont fall in love with N (not  his real name)

No! No! I shouldn't..y should i give him something while he the one who hurt me b4? and y make someone ur priority while he just make u as an option..? Yes! Dats pretty much awesome decision...remain silent and act like nothing ever happened,,

Ok now stop thinking about that.What I really want to do now is to crawl deep under my "looney tunes"comforter and hide there for the rest of the day..do not disturb!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A letter to barbie dolls..

Assalamualaikum ..
dear babrie dolls,
New sem just taking place, and it's me with broken heart writing from uia Kuantan just to let u girls know that I'm not doing awesome here..well, the moment I'm writing dis, I'm in the middle of 'sectional anatomy' session paying no attention at all..
It's not I'm naughty or wat, but it just I'm not feeling well today, running nose, sore throat, fewer really worsen my day...sob sob...sob..sob and sob again..I'm not crying but then I'm trying to prevent something flowing out of my nose..( u know practically what I'm doing..remember i mentioned running nose just now?)sound gross I know, but it just me..hehe..

Barbie dolls,
I wish u r here,share all the joy and laughter together..I miss our high school, where only girls there,laughing, gossiping, backbiting, hugging, jumping, watching Korea together..even sleeping pon same2, but we're not lesbIan..don't we? Erk, nauzubillah..those were the sweetest moment that ever happen to me..to u girls as well..
But , it was 5 years ago, we now growing older and older each and everyday, where things seem to be very different..but then, just one thing remain the same, our FRIENSHIP..
I miss u dear friends..n hopefully our friendship won't fade away..

Thursday, 8 September 2011

me, MIAMI BEACH and handsome Volleyballers

last couple days ago, i went to MIAMI beach, went with a lil girl (the girl next door that i borrowed from her parents)...it takes 2 hours driving from my house in MANHATTAN elite..
  well, i got a chronic brain death, so i need a different atmosphere,,so going to a beach must b perfect..
we're in MIAMI BEACH yaw!!..owh but wait!..i forgot to bring along my superb sexy Dolce & Gabana swimsuit..ouchh!
 a few mins after arriving. something attracted my attention..there were a number of guys playing volleyball..hmm, they were pretty cute anyway...
CUTE ha??

but then when i study them personally, it proves my theory that there's always at least ONE seriously  mentally WEIRDO in every group of guy. one of them slalu jer korek hidung ..errkk, disgusting!

 wel, the rest were awes0me...playing like an expert . there was one out of these guys came and sat near the GIANT BATU (where i was sitting, reading my novel),  he was so cool i think,,it was like i FALLING in love ..but i dont think he noticed me staring at him..(im not realy staring at him..tgk sket2 je..gatai nye aku..soo???) hmm probably his shAggy, wavy hair is FOREVER falling into his eyes, or another make sense answer will be ,bcoz he just saw me like a ZOMBI  in cheap lipgloss..so he rather stare to a death frog than to look at my face..owh i can say he looks like JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE

then those guys continue to play volleyball when there were 2 "kampung girls wearing baby-T with hijab" came out of nowhere..at first.i dont realy noticed them, but they were like "scared-of-balls" girls..its so annoying to see them..its not that im jealous or anyting but their attitude is so sick and driving me nauseas..seriously they're prissy girls who scream hysterically whenever a ball comes near them..

it could be just every ball i guess...basketball, tennis ball,baseball, football, or even meatball n fish ball.they just scream when the ball comes near them.."arhgh" in nassaly PARIS HILTON'S voice..i wondered if they were realy scared of the ball, y they keep goofy around those guys! im totally sick to watch these two drama girls flirting and giggling to attract the guys!! eww..u looks cheap girls!! plz dont act that way, respect ur body plzzzz ..!!

Even thought i felt nausea, i just kept watching those 2 girls..and out of sudden, it was raining, heavy raining! as i try to make a move, i recognised that faint aroma of Snuggle fabric softener, Axe body spray and red licorice. i looked up and was suprised and sligly embrassed to see "Justin- timberlake-guy" standing there hoding an umbrella over me.:

"u ok?" he asked..but i didnt answer.. then he extended his hand. i just looked at it and sighed. if i sat down on curb in the cold rain much longer, i'd probably end up dying of PNEUMONIA. i grabbed hold of his hand and he slowly pulled me up.i could not believe we were doing this stupid little scene all over again..HOW PATHETIC!.. but guys, PART INI HANYA REKAAN SEMATA2 JE..HAHAHA..xde sape2 pon dtg kt saye..xde pon scene ni..hehe..

so as a conclusion, dis entry is  mainly  a reminder to every girl, including me,, plz do not act that way just to attract guy's attention..u will only fool urself ok??? im yg pompuan ni pon menyampah tgk, how bout guys?? i have no idea then..just act cool like me k walaupon nampak laki2 ensem..cool je.k.remain silent..


Saturday, 3 September 2011

terima kasih sbb jemput saye..thanx a lot

 once upon time, in the unwell-known kingdom, there was a little girl who wanted to marry a prince. but he would have to be a real prince. she traveled the journey of her life to find a real one, but nowhere could she get what she wanted. there were prince enough, but it was difficult to find out whether they were real ones.she was sad, for she would have liked very much to have a real prince

one morning, a terrible storm came on: there was thunder and lightning, and the rain poured down in torrents, suddently a "beep beep" sound was heard from her handphone, a message received, and that girl went to read it."mari la jale raye umah man,ade wat makan ni,man berharap sgt kalo sue dpt dtg" err geli
that girl suddenly felt like fainting to read the msg. "HE could be my prince" she taught.."i must come!" plus she wanted to check out whether or not there will be another prince in that castle..sape tahu prince2 laen lg ensem..ehehe..

so the girl went to the castle, went with her nieces .dressed up in her febulos evening dress, in her extremely high wedges, drove her orange GEN2..70KM/J..enough for her..since she just passed her driving test..

15 mins driving. here she was..the kingdom of kubang golok..omg! wat a surprise..it looks like kampung..seriously..the cows, the sheeps, and the goats are everywhere..how can it will be a castle here?
but who cares, she believed there will be a real prince waiting for her in a huge, classic elegant castle..
but wait!..err what she just saw is a number of boys standing outside of a house, err some were sitting, while eating someting..

barbie dolls!! are they a real prince???...err...i believe they dont..dont they??? they are not prince rite?? they didnt look like a prince..bcoz they are not!no they are not!...they just a few frens of mine that i barely know..JIMAY, FATAN, YUSRI, FIRDAUS, err sape lagi eh?? xingat da...
there are not prince k..they just BOYS out of nowhere..i can say there are notty boys, whom loves to make jokes, eventhough they are not fiunny..tp gelak je la kan,..
k..sekian !
price from bukhingam palace

thats all gamba yg sy ade..thanx for inviting me..thanx jmay..and sory if u guys x suke saye  publish ur pic..but, ever since its a profile pic from fb, i believe kamu sume x marah..ok..c ya next raye..insyaalah

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The MC was me..

it was my 1st time yaww!..not my 1st nite ya..my 1st time being a chairperson or master of ceremony (MC) at UIA for an annual grand dinner ape ntah tajuk die..best kan?? yes i like it..seriously!..thanx to yaw my besties 4 supporting me..and special thanx to  NISAHJAY for da script.. u ROCK girl!..thanx a lot ok....

i dont remeber wat exactly the theme was for the nite..but one thing for sure it had to do something with  red, shawls and ties .

its me yaww.in red with shawl, .memorizing the text..come to think about it, it was horrible!..
why on earth i'd choosen that "bling-bling" shawl..?? x comey ,x comey.
well well well, i have to say it wasn't easy..coz the cheeky cheeky chubby butterflies were flying, coughing, laughing, jumping and even crying in my belly..its was like they occupied all the quadrants and laughing at me, made  me such a fool..i was freaking NERVOUS dude! DAP.. dip.. DUP.. didalam dada..but stil i can wink,^-^ yeah..plus 100 points.score it!

region full occupied by butterflies

 upon the rehearsal, just before the real ceremony.. the partner was good, help me a lot, thanx buddy, thanx everybody..the event went smoothly and everybody enjoyed themselves..makanan pon SODAP! ok thats all...

"This above all: to thine own self be true" shakespeare

Sunday, 21 August 2011

when guys talking about love

its suprising me! all this while, i only read girl's blog...well i can say most of them LOVE to write bout LOVE..yela girls at my age ..its like our body secrete a jar of 'in love-hormones' per hour..so no wonder la we just love to talk bout love...but its quite shocking me to read guy's blog.some of them love to write bout love too..ade tu siap wat blog special utk kisah chenta dorang..wow! suprise kan? n fyi, ayat2 yg digunakan sgt2 jiwang, wel girls, u lose some points for that..sgt jiwang..dude, sory to say, sometimes u just made me laugh.sory!.(well laughter is good,it release feel-good hormones n also good for ur tummy muscles yaww!)
 in short, kalah la William Shakespeare tu.
"sy cintakan awk, syg..sy x boleh bygkan hidup sy tanpe awk..awk segalanye..awk cantek, sy mmg suke tgk awk" yola tu...
"The course of true love never did run smooth" shakespeare
i wish there's someone out there write someting bout me too.who's that guy anyway? anyone?? hehe.if ade.,if ade la kan.,.i dont need u to write about how special i am to u, how ur love is strong, or how beatuiful i am ( sy th sy x cantek..xyah nk puji2 ..lempang kan..)
"ah tulon..jgn ngorat sy..tulon! tulon! sy x caye la kt ayat2 jiwang awk tu.."(ni gamba kwn je ye, bkan skandal..kang ade plak yg jeles..gambar sekadar hiasan je ok..blurr plak gamba ni..haish)
 i prefer if u write something that u want to buy for me, like a Bently Car ke, some branded outfit ke, (sound materialistic kan? mmg pon)camni la br best..so that we can see how that guy willing to sacrifies for u..syg je isn't enough..u cannot buy nasi with kasih syg je k.., at least, u're promising something, and yet i can claim them in future..perhaps dat guy bukan kaya raya pon ..ya everybody knows the fact that money isn't growing on the trees, but guys.., money is made from paper rememba? it means that, duit boleh dicari as long as u put some efforts..erk cam xde kaitan jek? bialah..xde idea da ni..wel pape pun..the point is tulis ape pon xde gune, bcoz we're not sure sape jodoh kite....CINTA SEJATI tu belong to ALLAH S.W.T..
ok girls, sweet is sweet, bitter is bitter, just a reminder for everybody,  and for me as welll..dont simply believe in any guy..especialy those "sweet talker" guys..sometimes they not only play with words, they're playing with ur heart too..beware ya before its too late to realize the fact that u're just being ditched!

 SONNET 18, by William Shakespeare...classic love, beautiful words, so holy, pure..i even memorize this poem..i wish shakespeare is my boyfie..wat do u think?

shall i compare thee to a summer's day?,
thou art more lovely and more temperate,
rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
and summer's lease hath all too short a date,
sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines,
and often is his gold complexion dimm'd,
and every fair from fair sometimes declines,
by chance, or nature's changing course, untrimm'd,
but thy eternal summer shall not fade,
nor lose possession of that fair thou owest,
nor shall death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
when in eternal lines to time thou growest,
so as long as men can breath, or eyes can see,
so long lives this, and this gives life to thee

Friday, 19 August 2011

alhamdulillah ,saya terpilih ke MASTERCHEF

welcome to the Masterchef's grand season finale, and meet the  top two contestant..ok ok ladies n gentlemen, last nite was  a big nite to me, the nite of me VS Callum Hann,   to be crowned as next MASTERCHEF ..

Hana Nina, student "i just start cooking for fun when i start thinking to joint this competition. its so hard because not only u will be in the middle of these challengers but then u have cameras following u around and watching everything u do..and yet, i just so nervous to compete Callum.wel, everybody knows he is a king of pastry, besides, he's so handsome that sometimes distract my attention to cook..hehe" 
Callum Hann, student "cooking is always my passion..i feel like i've been tangled  up in my own  web of lies. All my family and friends have been wanting to know what happens.... who wins, who gets eliminated..the interest in the show is just so intense, but im just so proud to still running on top two and the fact that Hana Nina is going to go against me is quite scary..i know she's a good cook.the judges just love her food.n plus i always admire the way she produces such an amazing combination of foods..but this is competition and my goal is to win this competition ..good luck to both of us" 
so it was the nite that we were asked to complete a desert in 45 mins.it all depends on us, but one thing for sure, the meal need to impress the judges.
 so here we go..i'd chosen  a traditional kuih..The ONDANG-ONDANG..the judges seems so suprised when the heard it like 'WOT??! ONDENG-ONGDENG?? yeah..its ondang-ondang, a traditional kuih that i can guarentee the judges will love em'. while Callum prefer to go with bluebery tart..ready ,set and go!

im a lil bit nervous,,went to take all the ingeredients i need..tepung beras pulut, 500g and 2 cups of water,guka melaka,some colouring needed..red or green is depend on u.. meawhile boil the water

then shape it into small ball, the size of  marble..put bout 2cm of gula melaka inside..
the most important part, to gv 'kekoh-cha effect", boil the ball-shaped tepung 15-20 minutes, so it gives enough time for the gula melaka to melt..
toast them..and simply put into shredded coconut ..they wil end up fully coated by coconut

ok finish! the judges gave some comments..the desert is so delicious, perfectly cooked and the"kekoh-cha effect" was so awesome..however they not satisfied with inconsistency of the shape..some bigger, while some smaller..\
peminat bergambar kenangan

 Callum's tart however look tastier than my desert..but believe me or not, i was the winner on that nite ..ya seriously!..i know u guys dont believe me..but u guys gotta believe me..i was the winner..im the masterchef ok!

 nota kaki: 1)sume cerita adlh rekaan semata-mate
2)"kekoh-cha effec"t means, when u bite it, it will melt in ur mouth..cenggitu la lbh kurang
3) xtahu nape tulisah jadi mcm tu malas da nk edit2..ok sekian shj  utk kali ini..c ya barbie dolls!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

i H.E.A.R.T u

i just hate u!.wel i tried not to, but then im just a human being.who got feelings to love and to be loved, not to be criticized in every single way...u such a blabbermouth who loves to hurt my feeling n yet make me down..
 who are u then? a perfect monster??
whoever u think u are, i just hate u for ur mouth
who are u to critic me?
who are u 2 judge me?
ya i know im lack in "look department"..but u got no right to critic me, saying that im ugly doesnt make u prettier..while claiming that im short, doesnt make u taller..
u know wat? if u critic GOD'S creation, dat meant u are criticizing GOD HIMself..
i know u're not joking, since im not the only one u love to critic,it just a part of ur hobby i gues.
  u always cancel at las minutes..when we promised to hang out together on satuday, Giving me thousands of fake excuses..dats wat u usualy did..wat u think i am? u leave me in the lurch and trying to find somewhere to go so that i dont sit at home feeling upset  about being ditched!. and yet i neva receive any apology from u..wad the???....hey to tel u the truth, u're not only my frens..i can hang out with other girls for sure..its no worth to go out with u...YA ALLAH, plz send this girl to AMAZON.. to be served as dinner to piranha there..serve u right! ( i should't talk dis way..but ..ahh wateva, skt hati!!)
 and yet ur blabbermourt always ****** about every single one of my besties..i know when im not around u'l probably doing the same thing to me..dont cha?? ..sory for not answering ur kol and ur sms..just let me alone for this moment..ok? im sory
 ok btw, i dont mean to ****** u here..but just to tell u the truth..thats how u treat me and other frens..and now we're trying to do something just to make u realize..on behalf of our  frens, im writing this, hoping u read this , for GOD sake, plz change buddy

Sunday, 14 August 2011

whats wrong with me?


  i tot im awesome, but still i trapped in these situation..like again and again and again..wats wrong??

 situation 1:
 yesterday i went to a shop, just thinking to window shop, went along thinking they'll be complete rubbish in it,.but as a shopaholic, i always manage to find something for my collection..checked the price tag..yeah i can afford this.!.excitedly grabbed a navy blue cardigan, leading towards fitting room..ok barbie dolls, that cardigan AWESOME  in me!! so here we go, to the cash register.."ok miss Rm45.90" n guess wat??
where's my purse?!! err..i left it somewhere , at home maybee..

situation 2:
im home (after failed to buy that cardigan).., searching for my purse..that one that i bought in  pasar malam,inspired by COCO CHANNEL (it has nothing to do with this story, but still i want to write about dis..so y bother?) looking for it everywhere..bwah katil(the most suspected spot). under the fridge(it doesnt mk sense )..just everywher..out of sudden,baby girls, i  can feel there's something in my pocket.!! its in my dress's pocket, not my JEANs's pocket..my PURSE in my DRESS'S pocket!! wad the..ffff..fish?? wadd the fff..fun?arghh..

situation 3:
i wake up in the morning, with my raven hair just so so messy ..i feel superb sexy dis way actualy(hehe..suke ati la nak perasan ke ape ke).

and GOSH! im late for an important appoinment..huh..gotta rush! an appoinment i cant mis..appoinment with "E chanel". gotta watch the latest episode of KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS dat i missed last nite..but dude wait! where's my spectacle? did u see it?  my vision prob is kinda bad..argh, i hv no option..immediately put on contact lenses in my smocky,big and wild eyes.(eheh..mate sy kecik je snanye.)..naseb baek sempat tgk..but then, something on my head..baby dolls, MY SPECTACLE just on my head and yet i just dont see it? huh!

situation 4:
a fren is waiting for me on her car while i was on my way to pay the parking ticket..then, rushing toward a car..a slver coloured kancil..n as i entered, i opened up one of cadbury's dark chocolate and ask her loudly "want some?"" and gues who was sitting next to me?? an old chinese guy, looking at me  and his big eyes seems so suprise with my existence..errr, uncle, can u see my fren in next car? hehe..see,her car and ur car is almost the same kan? hehe..i slh masuk kete uncle..sory....malu gler kot..

tgk ni: x ke same kete kwn sy ngan kete uncle tu? mane x confusenye..

situation 5:
im done pick up some groceries..and paid them..but  i just went home with nothing..(yg ni mmg slalu terjadi kat sy) why??? someone plz..i demand an explanation..sometimes its so embrassing..or maybe i just need to take dis as an awsomeness that make me special..?? should i?

well i think dats all the awesome part of me..dude, babe before u leave, plz fill in the blank below..

         who is AWESOME?
             H A _ A
*hint: N

Friday, 12 August 2011

the freakish windows

the windows..
there's milion of tales behind ur existence..
to be revealed by me today..

 the windows..
sometimes i close u as close as p0sible
while sometime i just let u open..as wide as u can..
so that i can take a long, deep breath in fresh air...
and let my silky raven hair waves beautifully 
and those wil make me feel like a supermodel..
doing a photo shoot  

the windows...
the best spot to suicide..(no! i neva do this)
but then i scare..the fact dat i wont die
coz my room only at level two
the worst, may be a small injury
like  broken legs or arms.

the windows..
plz tell others downstairs 
to remain silent
coz i wanna sleep, passionately..
plz warn them to shut up their mouth..
giving a princess some precious time to rest in peace...can u do that windows?

the windows..
why u remain there unspoken?..
the moment monkeys coming..
to steal my foods..roti,nasi bungkus,kuih muih dah sebagainye
that i just bought from cafe lot 4
why? why? why? why u silent.??.
plz neva let these crazy monkeys..
enter my room..
and escape with some sort of snacks with them ..
dont u scare?
dont u worry?
that they will harm me?
dont cha?
owh plz the windows..

the windows..
a big thank to u
u always let me know..whom dating who..
u let me see clearyly..brightly..delightfully
when a guy waiting his girl in the car..
when a girl walking gracefully towards her guy..
with ropol ropol selendang
in high heels
doing cat walks
to go for a date
somewhere i have no idea where

 and yeah the windows..
thanx for allowing me to be a gossip girl..
being a busiest girl in the planet earth
wont be easy without u..the windows

Thursday, 11 August 2011

dont blame me..its not my fault

    did u get ur driving license? how long it takes for u to get a driving license?? o0..plz ask me dis question, coz i will proudly answer "4 years!" hahaha.i repeat, 4 years! 4 years ok! one ore time ,4 years! u get me ?? FOuR YEARS!.i've been thru a t0ugh time  just to get dis f***ing license..believe me or not, i had gone 4 times driving test..started since i was 18years old..MR.JPJ was rascaly misjudged my driving skills, jot down a random marks for me..dats the main reasons 4 my failure..hahaha ..(wel, actualy i got milions of butterflies in my tummy during the test..just imagine how can i drive with those butterfllies?? the test was totaly freaking me outt dude!)
my silly mistakes ::
1. leave seat belt unfasten (lupe r..debor kot)
2.langgar lampu merah (i didn't do that purposely ok! mmg xnampak)
3. memandu secara berbahaya (dude, wat did u say? memandu 20KM/J pon berbahaya ke?? )
4.x bagi signal (err sy x th nak ckp ape,,)
5. pegang stereng single handed (ni sy bajet pro..ingat dpt extra marks,tp kn deduct plak)

but guys, gv me some credits ..coz i neva give up..on my 4th driving test, i was sucessfuly passed! yeah i passed with flying colors baby!
finaly, here we go, my driving license

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Novel in CARTOONS..

introducing the world's best seller books: THE DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, by Jeff Kinney

i read them..how about u??? these series are amazing, i read every single word in it and i love them..!
so far, the author managed to publish 7 series which worth MYR32.90 each..but u can get the 1st 4 series witH ONLY  RM90+,WHICH comes in a box dat u can purchase THEM at most of the independent book stores MPH, KINOUNIYA book store, and POPULAR.

 i havent yet get the latest ..THE UGLY TRUTH.
 the story basically  about a kid, GREG HEFFLEY who receives a gift which is a DIARY from his mother. however, he doesnt like the word "DIARY" on the cover of that gift, as for him, only girls hv diaries. s0 he make dat diary as a journal and records his 1st year in middle school.
im crazy over this series as it comes in partialy novel, partialy cartoons..or in another words "novel in cartoons"
the words used in dis books are very simple n the story is soo funny, dat i can guarantee u'l enjoy every single word in it..check dis out, a few pages from this novel:

see evry page hhas cartoon..so fancy

Greg also has a brother, who often bully him. this wat mk the story even funnier..he basicly write everything dat happen to him in his school including the girl dat he admire..wel guys, it wont be suprise if i tell u everything, u better read urself ok.????.this is the best book dat u guys MUST read..
chek out the movie also: the diary of a wimpy kid 1 & 2:

selamat membaca..SEKIAN

Monday, 8 August 2011

i prefer nasi ok!

its ramadhan, and i've been thinking 2 grab dis opportunity to lose some weight..so i was on a strict diet on dis couple days n it screw me up..
    my stomach was rumble n i was s000 hungryy.!! diet MAUT la katakan..s0 i went downstair to the fridge and heat up up one of those frozen dinners. a pasta one, with creamy sauce.. (canned campbel's creamy sauce) yum yum..those packets are pretty small..i even managed two!! (hahaha..diet made me starving!)
then, gues wat i found in fridge? here we go..gardenia's butterscotch bread, left over chocolate cake, and some left over kuih muih (actually a lot) i just couldn't decide which one i want..so i grabbed all of them , eating n watching tv..n the result was: i ATE everything..none left.!!.hehe
but i stil hungry..so i just went to check the freezer for one more luck.. n luckily there were hershey'schocolate (dark chocolate k, so dats means less sugar ok!) n i found HL's fresh milk( low fat yee)

so as i decided to keep the left over milk into the fridge, i found a bag of honey roasted peanut. well, there weren't walnut (which is good to eat if u're on diet) but they stil nuts aren't they?they stil going to b good for me..so i open the bag and pour out a large of handful into the bowl..yeah!
wel,  forget all those stupid "grilled fish,oatmeal (yucks, rase nk muntah je mkn oat,),carrots, celery, 8 glasses of water and dats it for the whole day..?! sy boleh mati cani
hell no! i cant take it..i prefer nasi ok??! lapar kot..then i end my nite with NASI..2 pinggan (ade "g" ke xde "g" ye?x th la..sy ore klate etek )..

n finally BURPP..kenyang kot..so wat else? tdo jom!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

somebody asked me to write bout him..should i?

 the tale im about to tell is related to someone , s0meone who is perfecly innocennt,  notGORGEOUS 22 years old boy from MANHATTAN (owh, plz dont believe dis ok!)
  dont confuse him with HOLLYWOOD Actors or underwear MODELS or even a rock star..dis guy is completely stunning in every single way..
  Ha ha ha...HE is  ACTUALY  a guy dat i barely know..but he was asking me to blog about him..xcuse me, who do u think u r? a PRIME minister or a prince at BUCKINGHAM PALACE????

  but then i just consider to write somting bout u since....since wat ya??  i rili hv no idea..totaly blank..wel i just know u for 5 days..ok ever since u've asked me to write bout  my 1st impression on u , so here's da list dude..one by one ya
 MY 1ST imPRESSION on u were:
 1) u look so LAME n boring guy from nowhere..(sory i hv to be honest..)
 2) i just dont want to work neither talk to u..ur face teling me dat u dont like me
 3) when u start talking to me, i felt like  i dont want 2 answer them..coz they were annoying
 4) u're ANNOYING lil dude..im scare of u!.

 but dude wait, th0se were only my 1st impression on u..HOWEVER, u'r much much better than wat i tot.
I LOVE (bukan sy cintakan awk ye..) U bcoz u're:
 1) friendly ..so fRENLY n sometimes u just NON-STOP talking..wat are u? a TALKING MACHINE???..but i like it..yela sy pendiam so i love those who are frenly..
2) u helped me N farahin A lot..we were new there..slalu kn tegur..but u were there, ajar kami..thanx buddy..u were our hero..(eww..wat im talking about? should i start puking now?)
3) u were the only one who invited me to joint the LUNCH PARTY..that was a day that the staffs were throwing a lunch party (my fren. farahin was fasting on that day) i was there, like dont knwo wat to do..! n kamo suruh sy mkn..thax ya..
 so here's our rock star..err i mean a DISNEY STAR

so how is it? s0ry for the inappropriate words..kidding2 je..who else want me to write about him/her?

Friday, 5 August 2011

when ur class is canceled!

     its me again, HANA,, writing from TIMES sqUARE, new YORK, doing runaway n photoshoot for ELLE magazine to becoming NIGERIA's next top model..wel,  my INCREDIBLE long legs cannot stand  for another 50 more frames, need to take a short break , n plus there's noBOdy wants totalk to me, since my BRITISH accent is killing them..(HAR har HAr..plz blame my blabbermouth for talking nonsense !)..
    ok..enuff with my modeling, i jus dont want to talk abouit this now, mb next entry ok.?
    .lets talk about the topic above..olrite, im pretty sure that every student ever experienced a situation where the class need to be canceled or p0sponed..penah kan? an an? mesti pnah..KONFEM..s0 wat do u feel about it? frustrated? broken heart? or ur heart just filled with LOADS of joyment? honestly, if dis situation ever happen to me i will cry pleasantly, n SOmetimes perfoming mr bean's dance scenes..ha cam kt bwh ni ha..

 then, i'l spend  the free hours within dat canceled class by studying..tgk ni ha, sy study maut cam katak ni time free bile klass cancel..gigih x ? (im a BIG FAT liar!! har HAAR..haR)..
clas cancel mmg best kan, ?? btw,one thing to remember, the moment u got the msg, it is the most exciting news, but, how bout the replacement class? ok here's the list of numerous types of cancellation clas..

  1.   the clas is totaly cancel..means there's no replacement clas..yg ni plg best kan??
  2. U're ready to go to clas..but suddently receive an sms.".hana, klas cancel"..fyi, ini mmg slealu terjadi kat saye..msg sampai lambat whereas, im ready with my bj kurung (jubah sometimes),make up p0n dah, n sometimes i  already in car..sabo jela
  3. the clas is posp0ned ..replacement clas is made on the same day..but then at the same day u got so many classes..n the worst u got quiz on tomorow morning..GOSH, wat do u feel? start to stress rite??
  4. class is posponed to weekend where u decided to go home..dis is a complete disaster!! totaly unacceptable..dis is when i wil be so stress, dipress, hvg heart attack, diabetes (hah? kencing manes?) n the worst DIE.    
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