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Saturday, 18 October 2014

I Want To Be Your Forever Bride; Wedding Video and Photos

Its been a year!! Happy 1st Anniversary to us!

Celebration? Nay cause im still in my confinement period. and period, no celebration.. But i would love to request a special celebration by the end of my confinement..Deal? Maybe tonight we just can sit back, relax and you know watch our wedding video and have a great heart-to-heart conversation. ok?

Nothing much to say here. i just love to express my gratitude to a wonderful year that i've spent with you. U know being with someone who is kind, considerate, HANDSOME, affectionate, generous and we are so over heel in love with each other is a great blessing. :) What more can i ask for?

So this entry is simply a Photo Entry..let just these photos tells the story .. once again, Happy Anniversary to us..

The Video

The Akad/ Solemnization

The Reception

Hubby's Side

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