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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My mom is the strongest women I ever know.

 To my mum,
My rock of proportions
I couldn’t have done it without you..

Assalamualikum everyone…
I know physically I OK and fine  .., but deep inside, no one would understands how I feel about my mom. And yes it’s true that I still shade a tear thinking about her..because the other side of me is a weak girl, pretending to act strong.

Recently, my mom was diagnosed with Diabetic Foot Ulcer, that required the doctors to perform a surgery, to amputate her right lower limb..and although the operation was successfully done, the feeling was so INTENSE. I cant imagine what is the feeling to be my mom. After the operation she looked so calm, talking to us and nurses around her nicely, not even showing how upset she was..she’s so strong, so positive I never thought she will be.. she kept praising the nurses and doctors in the operation theater, saying that they were so good in comforting and motivating her..the moment was like reading or watching a movie where my mom was the main character..and me as the audience, just CRY CRY CRY for sure..

The worst part is not about my mom..but its me. Why im so afraid to tell others about my mom? Hmm,maybe because it’s still a shocking thing to me. To my friends, whose concern about me, thanks for asking me about my mom. Sory that I couldn’t give u the answer, because a part of me still in denial, not fully accepting what ALLAH S.W.T destined my mom..but Insyallah I will fully accept this as a part of test from HIM..just give me some times and pls pray for my mom’s recovery..sob sob..emotional btol tulis entry ni..smpai basah baju..huhu..sob sob..good nite pals!!

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