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Saturday, 15 February 2014

a Chapter of Us


This is the story of us..

The story that isn't intended to please anyone,
but just to release
If anyone have symptoms like nausea or vomiting while reading this, yeah u just jealous then.

7 years of friendship with these girls..
We aren't just bestfriends afterall.
All the memories are remain forever

Girlfriends , if u are reading this, i would like to express my gratitude
for the years that we've spent together
u had come to me in exactly like the time that i needed to find a pair of shoes,
and then i found a STUNNING one,
A pair that is in a complete package,
suit my taste, 
 and fix my size
designed with diamonds and beads 
and the sparkle that look just so real,
displayed on a transparent shoes rack
in an elite, exclusive shoes store.
ok enough SHAKESPEARing ok!

Annoying us at TC..Capek wasnt here..she was somewhere else..donno where..

We almost certainly did HANG OUT together during weekends,
for movie marathon,
went to ECM looking for foods,
Teluk Cempedak for a piece of McD
most of the time Coffee Street for our favorite nasi goreng cili padi and mihun tomyam..
and and
remember the moment of GCB (Grill Chicken Burger) by the beach side?

God, we ate loads of McD back then!!
Dinner without Yuna. Coz Yuna refused to join..NO Solid reason for sure..:P

and and and
after movies at ECM,
we went back to hostel,
then continue watching movies at Alia's laptop..
most of the time we used hers.
there were always freaking Capek
warn us not to watch horror movie..
demmit Capek, u were always like a baby! 
our last movie watched recommended by Yuna,
 a mystery/thriller..
it almost killing me
 and everyone was freak out to visit the toilet afterwards..haha..poor girls,
but u know what,
a hostel toilet always seems haunted after midnite.
true story!  

remember back then when we used Maryam's brother car just to go to Cherating.
it was our first year at UIA,
WE dont even own a car, and the worst part is...
the driver (which happened to be me)
 has not yet own a driving license!
i drove all the way from Kuantan to Cherating
we enjoy mandi-manda at the beach where nobody was there..
OMG, we were so dead if out parents find this out..
cheeky girls!

When i browse my laptop, how suprise to find out that we dont realy takes photos throughout our Uni years..Seriously if we dont have this kind of photoshooti bet we dont realy have cool pictures..

now we can smile, we've got tons of beautiful captured moments..
All the photos is kinda basi, but then just want to repost them..
lastly enjoy the video..very boring one..xreti wehh.. :)

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