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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Precious Moment; My Very First Pregnancy

Assalamualaikum and Hi there!

I wrote several post before , this post in fact, i wrote a few months back. And then i sat on it. I was so nervous for being this vulnerable and sharing this to public.

And so the big news is to be revealed today; i am pregnant with a baby boy and expected to be a brand new mom this end of Sept or perhaps early Oct.. Wish me luck then :)  well, I just love to share it here because later on i would enjoy reading what my heart has made, guided by the gentle hand of God, and i hope u guys enjoy it too.. Happy reading !

Proud mom to be. i am 25th weeks pregnant. And yes it's true, i've gained some weights!

When i was growing up, i never the girl who ever think about being a mom, but now months passed, and the day to be a real mom is closer and closer and CLOSER and i am freaking out!

And having a boy, am i ready for this?
WELL, i've got a dozen of nephews and they are like "kicking the ball all the times, acting up like ultraman; fire sane, fire sini and u know soo naughtyyyy, cheekyyyy that sometimes driving me insane .

But things changed, and maybe its typical for a 25 years old girl to ever start thinking along this line. To start desiring a tiny creature with little limbs. u know something small and soft whom u can hug and snuggle. Clearly God has put this desire to most women- yes when the time is right.

Look at how success i grew my fetus. The passion for food is so much increasing.

Afterall, this is my only thoughts.. But deep down i understand that being a parents is never easy, and of course there'll be a hard times handling them. There are lessons to learn, and i think it will bring me to a deeper understanding of my relationship with our great Creator, to learn how to praise for what that have been granted. And yes, an offspring is in the making and its strengthen the union of me with my husband with the excitement of our new birth soon.

For some reasons, things changes, but memories last. Thanx Ya Allah for this Happy LOVE life.

ok lastly
Having the chance to be pregnant is a great opportunity..As a parents to be, the responsibilities are great too far, to bring another human being into this world. through the miracles of conception, pregnancy and birth, a child to be born and the journey of our parenthood will begins! well said, hana..wishing myself a happy and healthy pregnancy :)

Dear A, Thanx for being with me throughout this pregnancy. Your support, your love and your company makes me grow stronger and stronger. From the day of our marriage and untill death do us apart, will love u more n more.. sincerely written by you proud wife, Hana Nina :)

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