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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Post tittle: CLINICAL PRACTICE is always lame and only give any medical-based students wit a headache and Chronic Brain Death along with symptoms of Toxic Megacolon that require them to undergo Barium Enema Study ( am i sound so medical now??)

Assalamuaikum ..
Dear 'not a diary nor a famous blog',
Sincerely it is a pleasure to express my emotion here whenever things is about not to happen exactly the way I want it to be..

This afternoon was a total 'I-feel-like-crying-and-jumping-out-of-the-window' moment ever. I still not quite ready to let go of how awkward and upset I feel about the next CLINICAL PRACTICE's schedule..I really want to let it go and handle this kind of problem in private and mature manner but somehow it stuck in my 'not-so-brilliant ' brain..and for certain reasons , I found out that some of my classmates are belong to planet SELFISH..what the hell I'm talking about.. At this point, of course everybody is being selfish..but why I'm not letting myself being selfish and fight till I get what I want? Well I think it just not me..sometimes it's good to sacrifice something and make other people happy ...what a nice girl I am!!! ( err...am I praising myself?)

Ok since I want to handle this problem in very mature way possibe, I promised myself not to hear nor talking about about CP although everybody is crazy about it. So I made my self a clear llist of approved activities in class to avoid just anything about CP

1. standing quietly
2. Sitting quietly
3. Standing and sitting over n over again quietly..
4. Continuously going to toilet.
5. Chatting with Mira in an appropriate, nonthreatening way..
6. Listening to lecturers tell stories about their lives.
7. Yoga (err..I'm not sure about this since I have no idea what yoga is..then y I put it in my list?? I DON'T KNOW)
8. poetry
9. Yoga and poetry at the same time
10. picking up trash and GENTLY dispose it ..( GLOBA WARMING..save the planet..is it global warming has anything to do with trash?? )
11. Taking a nap
12. Singing ( only in my heart so no one will hear it)

Ps: despite physically I sound and looking strong and independent yet a bit chubby lately, but deep down I'm just ANOTHER GIRL, who loves ice-cream, shopping and movies ..er cam xde kaitan je????

A question from me..
Is it laughing is the best best medicine or crying is the best medicine?
My answer will be both..but plz control the way u laugh and cry because people might misinterpret u as retarded OR mentally ill OR specifically, INSANE!

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