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Monday, 5 March 2012

i went out with an army..fooling myself like the most desperate girl on planet earth

hello again my diary,
i am back with my heart pounding, regretting every moment that i spent with a guy named FAIZ (bukan nama sebenar)..why on earth i went out with him???..oh universe pls forgive me for going out with a random guy that i barely know just because i was freaking boring and lonely....universe answered : HANA U'RE SO PATHETIC..HE JUST WANTS TO WASTE HIS TIME AND GOING OUT WITH U WAS A GOOD OPTION AND GIVING HIM A CLEAR SIGNS OF HOW DESPERATE U ARE..
ngorat la i plzzzz

official lists of awkward moments i had with him:

  1. we both had no idea where to go
  2. both don't know what to eat
  3. no idea what to talk about
  4. so awkward with each other    
  5. i cant even see him on the eyes..coz im afraid he will look at my UGLY n STRESS face (im a total idiot..we not even a couple..y should i bother about this thing..arghhhh 
  6. i tried to cheer him up by telling some jokes..but i just received no respond from him...(should i suicide now????)
  7. i wore a 4 inches high heel..but he walked damn fast..leaving me alone... ( malu ke jln dgn i??
  8. i cant hear what he's saying..it was like he talked with volume 0..
  9. after he sent me home, i texted him to say a TQ..but i receive no reply from him (what does this means?)
  10. HE KEEPS TEXTING SOMEONE WHOM I HAD NO IDEA WHO is he/she. His smartphones seem to be the biggest distractions.  
    now im blaming myself for not wearing this shirt.

erk..not this awkward..

he however teach me loads of very vulnerable lessons which are:
  1. never going out with a guy that u barely know
  2. never wear high heel whenever u're out with a guy
  3. never ask a guy to give u a ride..drive ur own car..
  4. never tell any joke..if u want to tell joke, make sure u tell it out loud so that u wont end up receiving no respond..

i rather going out with a robot in future

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