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Thursday, 8 September 2011

me, MIAMI BEACH and handsome Volleyballers

last couple days ago, i went to MIAMI beach, went with a lil girl (the girl next door that i borrowed from her parents)...it takes 2 hours driving from my house in MANHATTAN elite..
  well, i got a chronic brain death, so i need a different atmosphere,,so going to a beach must b perfect..
we're in MIAMI BEACH yaw!!..owh but wait!..i forgot to bring along my superb sexy Dolce & Gabana swimsuit..ouchh!
 a few mins after arriving. something attracted my attention..there were a number of guys playing volleyball..hmm, they were pretty cute anyway...
CUTE ha??

but then when i study them personally, it proves my theory that there's always at least ONE seriously  mentally WEIRDO in every group of guy. one of them slalu jer korek hidung ..errkk, disgusting!

 wel, the rest were awes0me...playing like an expert . there was one out of these guys came and sat near the GIANT BATU (where i was sitting, reading my novel),  he was so cool i think,,it was like i FALLING in love ..but i dont think he noticed me staring at him..(im not realy staring at him..tgk sket2 je..gatai nye aku..soo???) hmm probably his shAggy, wavy hair is FOREVER falling into his eyes, or another make sense answer will be ,bcoz he just saw me like a ZOMBI  in cheap lipgloss..so he rather stare to a death frog than to look at my face..owh i can say he looks like JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE

then those guys continue to play volleyball when there were 2 "kampung girls wearing baby-T with hijab" came out of nowhere..at first.i dont realy noticed them, but they were like "scared-of-balls" girls..its so annoying to see them..its not that im jealous or anyting but their attitude is so sick and driving me nauseas..seriously they're prissy girls who scream hysterically whenever a ball comes near them..

it could be just every ball i guess...basketball, tennis ball,baseball, football, or even meatball n fish ball.they just scream when the ball comes near them.."arhgh" in nassaly PARIS HILTON'S voice..i wondered if they were realy scared of the ball, y they keep goofy around those guys! im totally sick to watch these two drama girls flirting and giggling to attract the guys!! eww..u looks cheap girls!! plz dont act that way, respect ur body plzzzz ..!!

Even thought i felt nausea, i just kept watching those 2 girls..and out of sudden, it was raining, heavy raining! as i try to make a move, i recognised that faint aroma of Snuggle fabric softener, Axe body spray and red licorice. i looked up and was suprised and sligly embrassed to see "Justin- timberlake-guy" standing there hoding an umbrella over me.:

"u ok?" he asked..but i didnt answer.. then he extended his hand. i just looked at it and sighed. if i sat down on curb in the cold rain much longer, i'd probably end up dying of PNEUMONIA. i grabbed hold of his hand and he slowly pulled me up.i could not believe we were doing this stupid little scene all over again..HOW PATHETIC!.. but guys, PART INI HANYA REKAAN SEMATA2 JE..HAHAHA..xde sape2 pon dtg kt saye..xde pon scene ni..hehe..

so as a conclusion, dis entry is  mainly  a reminder to every girl, including me,, plz do not act that way just to attract guy's attention..u will only fool urself ok??? im yg pompuan ni pon menyampah tgk, how bout guys?? i have no idea then..just act cool like me k walaupon nampak laki2 ensem..cool je.k.remain silent..



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