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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Diary for everyone


Hari ni i menulis very quick ..yeah typing using handphone, not a pleasure one for sure, i prefer laptop or at least my ipad..things will be easier with a bigger keyboard..agree?
I've got to confess one thing, my writing hobby is getting worst..i need to write, i always feel a sudden urge to keep everything recorded..u know this is going on since high school, where i used to write a diary (the diary was a gift from myself to me but then years back when i start reading it again, OMG, i just discovered how childish i am :p :P :p >malu dgn sendiri jekk<) So i take a real quick action, koyak2 kan and then throw it away.. problem solved!!

But now i've found a new solution for my hobby, so that no one can read it..Using my smartphone, these apps are super cool..its like u can write anywhere, anytime and its really convenience.. and dont worry no one can ever read it..but im not sure this application availabe for android user..

The app from apple store. DAYRE.

How it looks like on the screen

u can even check in..
And this is how u can costumize it..on ur very own timeline.
make it look even fancier..adding some photos with detailing..u will keep re-reading it
Besides, u can even be friends with other users, more less like a sosial network but more easier to write things here. But then its ok if u want to keep it private..make a diary just for urself  (because that what a diary is..writing things that u only can read them)..

ok and dis one is the apps that i used to write things throughout my final year at UIA..and now i realy love to read it.. i wrote everything here, like my journal..let see this app ; My W Days

this is a cute diary..u can even secure it with a password..

this is mine

happy writing everybody..bye!

cute right?

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