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Friday, 19 August 2011

alhamdulillah ,saya terpilih ke MASTERCHEF

welcome to the Masterchef's grand season finale, and meet the  top two contestant..ok ok ladies n gentlemen, last nite was  a big nite to me, the nite of me VS Callum Hann,   to be crowned as next MASTERCHEF ..

Hana Nina, student "i just start cooking for fun when i start thinking to joint this competition. its so hard because not only u will be in the middle of these challengers but then u have cameras following u around and watching everything u do..and yet, i just so nervous to compete Callum.wel, everybody knows he is a king of pastry, besides, he's so handsome that sometimes distract my attention to cook..hehe" 
Callum Hann, student "cooking is always my passion..i feel like i've been tangled  up in my own  web of lies. All my family and friends have been wanting to know what happens.... who wins, who gets eliminated..the interest in the show is just so intense, but im just so proud to still running on top two and the fact that Hana Nina is going to go against me is quite scary..i know she's a good cook.the judges just love her food.n plus i always admire the way she produces such an amazing combination of foods..but this is competition and my goal is to win this competition ..good luck to both of us" 
so it was the nite that we were asked to complete a desert in 45 mins.it all depends on us, but one thing for sure, the meal need to impress the judges.
 so here we go..i'd chosen  a traditional kuih..The ONDANG-ONDANG..the judges seems so suprised when the heard it like 'WOT??! ONDENG-ONGDENG?? yeah..its ondang-ondang, a traditional kuih that i can guarentee the judges will love em'. while Callum prefer to go with bluebery tart..ready ,set and go!

im a lil bit nervous,,went to take all the ingeredients i need..tepung beras pulut, 500g and 2 cups of water,guka melaka,some colouring needed..red or green is depend on u.. meawhile boil the water

then shape it into small ball, the size of  marble..put bout 2cm of gula melaka inside..
the most important part, to gv 'kekoh-cha effect", boil the ball-shaped tepung 15-20 minutes, so it gives enough time for the gula melaka to melt..
toast them..and simply put into shredded coconut ..they wil end up fully coated by coconut

ok finish! the judges gave some comments..the desert is so delicious, perfectly cooked and the"kekoh-cha effect" was so awesome..however they not satisfied with inconsistency of the shape..some bigger, while some smaller..\
peminat bergambar kenangan

 Callum's tart however look tastier than my desert..but believe me or not, i was the winner on that nite ..ya seriously!..i know u guys dont believe me..but u guys gotta believe me..i was the winner..im the masterchef ok!

 nota kaki: 1)sume cerita adlh rekaan semata-mate
2)"kekoh-cha effec"t means, when u bite it, it will melt in ur mouth..cenggitu la lbh kurang
3) xtahu nape tulisah jadi mcm tu malas da nk edit2..ok sekian shj  utk kali ini..c ya barbie dolls!


  1. mastercef? aku tertipu barbie doll..cite x blah la

  2. x blah gapo? sajo jah nk oyak aku wat onde2..hehe

  3. i knew.u, me both of us are awesome ok


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