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Monday, 26 November 2012

its my life..

my life goes like these:

 1) yeay da pukul satuuuuuuu
2) yeayyyyyy da pukul limeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

when pukul 1, im excited  to go for lunch at super crowded cafe
when pukul 5 plak, im thrill to go back to hostel.........

this is my life's cycle ...since..since forever lahhh..CLINICAL PRACTICE yg super best (super tipuu.)
xpe2..walaupom i ni a bit pemalas, tiap2 pagi sy bangun dgn satu semamgat yg sgt membara2 ..nak g hospital.dan buat yg terbaik utk pesakit2 semua..i want to give the best service i can..smile to them..and make them feel comfortable..knowing how it feels to be a patient ( sory da xidea nak tls ape .. Haha wadehel watever who cares ??) (ok dis one was a post yg i da tulis long long time ago tp bile bace ni i rase nak post je :) pls .. Ape2 je)

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