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Thursday, 13 October 2011

X suke dok depan

New sem, new seat... N guest where? 1st row, just next to the door..n what can I say is.. It can be traumatizing sometimes.. Yes! Seriously it is!

Y I said so? Bcoz lecturers just love me.. Seriously they just love me for no reason.. They love to ask me questions that I think I never learn any.. Arghh

But the good new is, I had made a startling scientific discoveries about my intelligence and even reduced it to a working formula..
MY IQ = dirty socks at the laundry room at uia's hostel
But then it's ok.. The most important thing is to always remain calm and try to handle personal problems in a private and mature manner.. Ye ye je

Don't worry Hana.. U'l be just fine.. Coz I'm always confident.. N somehow, I just answered randomly and sorry to say ,sometimes it was correct.. Haha!
So as a conclusion, sitting in the first row is kinda interesting .. wanna switch ur seat with me?You know that
lecturers sometimes prefer to ask and pay attention to those at the back.. Hehe.. Beware ye sape yg kat belakang tu..
But my biggest problem is... I cannot sleep at all.. Even ngantok sgt2 pon.. Huhu.. N the point is, I cannot switch my seat for this entire sem, coz my classmates seems to seat at the same spot each and every classes... LAME!!!! I hate everybodyyyyyyyy.. Plz let me hv my seat at the back once in a while plss!!

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