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Thursday, 2 January 2014

January Birthday Issue

Assalamualaikum sume..

Hello pipol (actualy i was meant to say "people", but somehow my British accent is kinda killing me right now..hehehe :p ) hmm..sejak akhir2 ni suke sgt update blog, perasan x? hmm maybe because my body is releasing a 'feel-good' hormone that make me super happy now..yola, bile happy, here comes loads loads of ideas, ye dok? cane x heppy, TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY PIPOL!!
ya! its my bithday.

a birthday shout OUT for myself;

Mr Google wish me a happy birthday.. Im the happiest girl for the momenttttttt..yeah

 happy birthday to meee
happy birthday to me, 
happy birthday to hana..hehe..enough menggedix!..

so, the truth to be told here, im not a BIG FAN of my birthday, coz people were like "HANA DA TUA!" ok i tell u what, its not easy being a JANUARY birthday girl. and its not any JANUARY, but it is on the 3rd of JANUARY, just 3 days after new year. And trust me, i've been through dis 'hardship' since primary school..huhu. Usually the school will start on 2nd or 3rd January every year, and here comes the saying like " oh hari ni harijadi hana ae, oh so u r the oldest in our class" and " hana la yg plg tua dlm kelas" sigh!

Nampaknya i da lame rase diri ni tua, since sekolah rendah lg..SOBS! 
BUT then here comes my SAVIOUR, after 25 years waiting..hehe
so today is my 1st birthday celebrated with my dear husband
while i was complaining about my January Birthday issue, he was like
"Xpe, u still comel" - Mr A

let this video speaks..how happy i am to be married with u.
To spend the rest of my life with u


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