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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Modesty Jubah for Sisters :)


Hi im back! Work has been hectic over the past few days, with new tudung project, and of course im doing it with A. Choosing the kain and stuff has been great and now just waiting to launch them.. ok peep pls wait for it ok, and do support me ya.. because this my very first time doing such things.. Hopefully it becomes a masterpieces that every sisters looking for..And i promise its going to be the latest modest fashion in 2014.. :)

Ok last couple days i received my parcel, with something that really suit my taste, and im absolutely loving this fancy, blocking-colored jubah.. And the thanx goes to the the owner of Affinity for Modesty for the stunning jubah. Oh my goodness i dont know how to tell u how much i love this jubah dress.

Apart from the stunning colors, what i love the most is the "sulam" on it. U know its so unique and the "sulam" do the talking and tells everyone that jubah comes from middle east. And the best part is, the material that made from soft cotton yang u know super comfortable for all day wear. Sesuai sgt pakai kt Malaysia ni because the material yang sejuk je.

What more can i cay? this jubah dress really fit me. :)  im wearing S size and i think it can fit for M size wearer too. and dont worry sape2 yang tinggi pon poleh fit this size, coz its quite labuh for me..tp i da jahit sket..

Sulam-sulam tu mmg best..bile tgk detailing macam x pecaya these sulam is real.. daripada benang yg tebal tuh.. Arabian sgt u olllss

I pon ape lagi..terus fefeling Arabian girl selaluh. sila jgn muntah hokeh

Serius sgt selesa. bile dpt jubah ni terus pakai, x iron pon..material die x senang kedut gitu.

ok u olls ape lagi, kalo berkenan boleh la cepat-cepat order ..to order boleh click here. ok happy shopping.. till we meet again. byee have a good day and ASSALAMUALAIKUM..

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