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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Middle East Jubah n Dresses

Assalamualaikum to brothers n sisters..

I have a good news for our dearly sisters whose
looking for Jubah originally form Middle East..
And i would like to suggest
 this new blogshop that offer u jubah dari timur tgh yg mmg fancy one..
cantik and i suke materials die yg more to satin n chiffon..
seriously jubah nowadays are mostly lycra u know..
well im not a big fan of lycra.. :(  
concept this blogshop memang for muslimah..dress n jubah die mmg beza sket dr yg kite biase tgk.. 
coz i pon mmg suke pakai jubah..tp selalu pakai jubah hitam je..so terpikir nak try yang fancy-fancy sket

yep back then i realy loves black jubah..tp nak try yg fancy-fancy plak sekarang

unik kan this one..short sleeve, tp for us muslimah boleh pakai dgn inner :) :)

This blogshop is kinda new..but dont worry its a valid one..well try visit this for more photos: http://amodesty.blogspot.com/  I believe later the owner will update more..give her some time oke..tp for those yg nak order mmg da boleh :)

here some sneak peaks..boleh ler tgk2 dulu..i pon terpikir nak yg short sleeve tu.. ^_^

nak details lagi boleh la tgk sendiri je.. :) happy shopping..hope this will help u sisters to find ur ideal jubah ..have a good day every one..

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