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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Restoran Berputar KL Tower

Assalamualaikum to all readers..Semoga semua berada dlm keadaan sihat sejahtera.. :P (eh macam tulis karangan surat kiriman mase sekolah2 dl plak..hehe)

OK  penah x korang tercari-cari tempat nak celebrate birthday/ anniversary yg unik and romantik gituw??? kalo ade kat sini yg tercari-cari tempat ekslusif, unik and romatik for ur partner's special day tu boleh la try 360 Revolving Restaurant @ KL Tower. This might be a graet idea for u. Trust me, ur partner will be like " wow, this is really romantic. OMG OMG I love it! (especially if this is a suprise by ur guy)"

quality gamba low sbb mlm n tangkap gamba gn i hp samseng jo..sbb xkan la nk bawa camera nikon yg besa gedabak tu kan..

Excited me is always excited
I went to this restaurant before for a dinner, and it was a surprise from him (by him i mean my husband lor..). And me, as a normal girl of course i was like superr happy and touching and laughing and cam-whoring and giggling  and KOYAling and stuff. Before this i only see KL tower from distance and always wonder what they have in there, the towel is very slim, even slimmer than me (of course la nampak kecik cause i view from distance distance).

Seeing is believing....

So ape yg specialnya dinner kat restoran berputar-putar ni? x pening kepalo ko u ols? hehe..ok from this revolving restautant u can watch KL pass by at the top of MENARA KL.. What a great view people! The dinner buffet features with a wide rage of Malay dishes, while the International Cuisine and Japanese cuisine are consistently good..mmg semua sodap! berbaloi-baloi u olls..And of course there's a dress code (formal one) but that makes the dinner more romantic kan?..hihi..sambil makan smbil pusing-pusing tgk view satu kl..n the best part is ade local band, yg xdela nyayi2 smpai bingit telinga tu, tp mostly lagu-yg tenang dan slow gituww..

tgk binatang-binatang dl before masuk..gamab menatang xde gamba sendiri je ado

here my hero..while waiting utk makan..

Malay Cuisine corner

Owh well, besides dinner, u oll boleh juge pergi for lunch buffet, or evening tea or hi- tea. The price of course will be cheaper from dinner. So kalo nak dtg sini kene book dulu. boleh tgh website ni for more details..http://www.atmosphere360.com.my/. And skarang ni ade promosi utk new year..

Enjoy the view from observation deck.

And one more thing before start makan2 tu boleh dl enjoy the view outside the KL Tower. tempat ni tenang sket, so different from KLCC. Ade mini park, boleh tgk menatang-menatang comel kt situ.. and ade byk sudut bergambar, mcm kereta kuda..SO conclusion, mmg best ler..


  1. woaaaaa..bestnyer kak..kena pergi nih..hehe

    1. ya dear u should somehow go to dis place..highly recommended


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