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Thursday, 11 August 2011

dont blame me..its not my fault

    did u get ur driving license? how long it takes for u to get a driving license?? o0..plz ask me dis question, coz i will proudly answer "4 years!" hahaha.i repeat, 4 years! 4 years ok! one ore time ,4 years! u get me ?? FOuR YEARS!.i've been thru a t0ugh time  just to get dis f***ing license..believe me or not, i had gone 4 times driving test..started since i was 18years old..MR.JPJ was rascaly misjudged my driving skills, jot down a random marks for me..dats the main reasons 4 my failure..hahaha ..(wel, actualy i got milions of butterflies in my tummy during the test..just imagine how can i drive with those butterfllies?? the test was totaly freaking me outt dude!)
my silly mistakes ::
1. leave seat belt unfasten (lupe r..debor kot)
2.langgar lampu merah (i didn't do that purposely ok! mmg xnampak)
3. memandu secara berbahaya (dude, wat did u say? memandu 20KM/J pon berbahaya ke?? )
4.x bagi signal (err sy x th nak ckp ape,,)
5. pegang stereng single handed (ni sy bajet pro..ingat dpt extra marks,tp kn deduct plak)

but guys, gv me some credits ..coz i neva give up..on my 4th driving test, i was sucessfuly passed! yeah i passed with flying colors baby!
finaly, here we go, my driving license


  1. hah? biaq btoi hang? adoi..tekezut gak..xpa hang skang laju dah bwk keta

  2. kahkah..pecah rahsia..nko nmapak je sool, tp amek lesen sampai 4 kali ape cer?? NADIA

  3. eh mek sool tu ape? cool eh? ok ape 4 kali je..ko lg looser kot..xde lesen lg..haha

  4. i rasa u sorang je kat Malaysia ni yg amik 4 kali. rekod tu. =) from Am..


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