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Sunday, 14 August 2011

whats wrong with me?


  i tot im awesome, but still i trapped in these situation..like again and again and again..wats wrong??

 situation 1:
 yesterday i went to a shop, just thinking to window shop, went along thinking they'll be complete rubbish in it,.but as a shopaholic, i always manage to find something for my collection..checked the price tag..yeah i can afford this.!.excitedly grabbed a navy blue cardigan, leading towards fitting room..ok barbie dolls, that cardigan AWESOME  in me!! so here we go, to the cash register.."ok miss Rm45.90" n guess wat??
where's my purse?!! err..i left it somewhere , at home maybee..

situation 2:
im home (after failed to buy that cardigan).., searching for my purse..that one that i bought in  pasar malam,inspired by COCO CHANNEL (it has nothing to do with this story, but still i want to write about dis..so y bother?) looking for it everywhere..bwah katil(the most suspected spot). under the fridge(it doesnt mk sense )..just everywher..out of sudden,baby girls, i  can feel there's something in my pocket.!! its in my dress's pocket, not my JEANs's pocket..my PURSE in my DRESS'S pocket!! wad the..ffff..fish?? wadd the fff..fun?arghh..

situation 3:
i wake up in the morning, with my raven hair just so so messy ..i feel superb sexy dis way actualy(hehe..suke ati la nak perasan ke ape ke).

and GOSH! im late for an important appoinment..huh..gotta rush! an appoinment i cant mis..appoinment with "E chanel". gotta watch the latest episode of KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS dat i missed last nite..but dude wait! where's my spectacle? did u see it?  my vision prob is kinda bad..argh, i hv no option..immediately put on contact lenses in my smocky,big and wild eyes.(eheh..mate sy kecik je snanye.)..naseb baek sempat tgk..but then, something on my head..baby dolls, MY SPECTACLE just on my head and yet i just dont see it? huh!

situation 4:
a fren is waiting for me on her car while i was on my way to pay the parking ticket..then, rushing toward a car..a slver coloured kancil..n as i entered, i opened up one of cadbury's dark chocolate and ask her loudly "want some?"" and gues who was sitting next to me?? an old chinese guy, looking at me  and his big eyes seems so suprise with my existence..errr, uncle, can u see my fren in next car? hehe..see,her car and ur car is almost the same kan? hehe..i slh masuk kete uncle..sory....malu gler kot..

tgk ni: x ke same kete kwn sy ngan kete uncle tu? mane x confusenye..

situation 5:
im done pick up some groceries..and paid them..but  i just went home with nothing..(yg ni mmg slalu terjadi kat sy) why??? someone plz..i demand an explanation..sometimes its so embrassing..or maybe i just need to take dis as an awsomeness that make me special..?? should i?

well i think dats all the awesome part of me..dude, babe before u leave, plz fill in the blank below..

         who is AWESOME?
             H A _ A
*hint: N


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