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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The MC was me..

it was my 1st time yaww!..not my 1st nite ya..my 1st time being a chairperson or master of ceremony (MC) at UIA for an annual grand dinner ape ntah tajuk die..best kan?? yes i like it..seriously!..thanx to yaw my besties 4 supporting me..and special thanx to  NISAHJAY for da script.. u ROCK girl!..thanx a lot ok....

i dont remeber wat exactly the theme was for the nite..but one thing for sure it had to do something with  red, shawls and ties .

its me yaww.in red with shawl, .memorizing the text..come to think about it, it was horrible!..
why on earth i'd choosen that "bling-bling" shawl..?? x comey ,x comey.
well well well, i have to say it wasn't easy..coz the cheeky cheeky chubby butterflies were flying, coughing, laughing, jumping and even crying in my belly..its was like they occupied all the quadrants and laughing at me, made  me such a fool..i was freaking NERVOUS dude! DAP.. dip.. DUP.. didalam dada..but stil i can wink,^-^ yeah..plus 100 points.score it!

region full occupied by butterflies

 upon the rehearsal, just before the real ceremony.. the partner was good, help me a lot, thanx buddy, thanx everybody..the event went smoothly and everybody enjoyed themselves..makanan pon SODAP! ok thats all...

"This above all: to thine own self be true" shakespeare


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