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Friday, 23 March 2012

some random stuff, sarah, and syasya

hello again my diary, i am back with my mind so bloated after helping a form 2 boy with his MATHs
ok back to the story. i would love to say that i personally hate maths  maths. why almost of the question would have the sign of  "x" and "y" and asking to find the value of them.

like this simple question:

 x/43 = 1150, find the value of x?

HOMAIGOD, obviously there's only one" x" there..duhh! this always prove my theory that maths today is no longer makes any sense..i remember back in kindergarten where maths used to be realy fun..
the question would be fun and REAL..like this one:

1 chipsmore cookie plus another chipsmore cookie is...

 see how real it is..i bet now u agree with me..

ok ok..enough with the annoying story on how i basically doing my community servises.. well upon writing this, i actualy wanted to write something about my besties . tp cam xde idea plak. ok la just post couple of photos i had with them last few weeks ago..this little "hangout" practically release a "feel-good" hormone within my body ..coz tese girls realy rocks my dayy

from left: albino sarah, diabetic syasya and normal hana.

upon the meeting, we keep talking and laughing. the only moment that all of us keep quite is whenever we saw a dog . everybody was freaking out and acting like a statue..huhu..bengong punye anjing.. 

oh god how comfy is syasya's shoulder..tp ade bau ketiak ahh

see the tenderness on my face..udoh gile. hey sarah, u ingat u askar u blh buli i ke? tgk muke buruk pon aku publish je.x mcm oprg tu nk yg lawa je.nyampah!

we met at syasya's house and we sent sarah to UPNM. lepak2 jap had lunch together..telling stupid jokes..laughing so hard and non stop gosiping..that's the best activities to do with ur best buddy..

lets watch the rugby tournament..

sometimes i feel like im a part of UPNMstudent..oh how cool to  be askar..damn
monkey move..act dis photo has sarah in it..but  she practically doenst want to be included coz she said she doesnt look good..thats what makes me wonder, siince when she ever looks good? 
syasya always loves me..tq eh

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since sarah doesnt want to be included, so i cropped her out..booo
sile jgn menyambah.! suke ati i la nak dok cane pon
we are so gayyyy
saying im immature doesnt turn u into a mature person

ok bye..too busy today..too many things to do today..x caye? here's the list of things to do..check it out:


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