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Saturday, 6 August 2011

somebody asked me to write bout him..should i?

 the tale im about to tell is related to someone , s0meone who is perfecly innocennt,  notGORGEOUS 22 years old boy from MANHATTAN (owh, plz dont believe dis ok!)
  dont confuse him with HOLLYWOOD Actors or underwear MODELS or even a rock star..dis guy is completely stunning in every single way..
  Ha ha ha...HE is  ACTUALY  a guy dat i barely know..but he was asking me to blog about him..xcuse me, who do u think u r? a PRIME minister or a prince at BUCKINGHAM PALACE????

  but then i just consider to write somting bout u since....since wat ya??  i rili hv no idea..totaly blank..wel i just know u for 5 days..ok ever since u've asked me to write bout  my 1st impression on u , so here's da list dude..one by one ya
 MY 1ST imPRESSION on u were:
 1) u look so LAME n boring guy from nowhere..(sory i hv to be honest..)
 2) i just dont want to work neither talk to u..ur face teling me dat u dont like me
 3) when u start talking to me, i felt like  i dont want 2 answer them..coz they were annoying
 4) u're ANNOYING lil dude..im scare of u!.

 but dude wait, th0se were only my 1st impression on u..HOWEVER, u'r much much better than wat i tot.
I LOVE (bukan sy cintakan awk ye..) U bcoz u're:
 1) friendly ..so fRENLY n sometimes u just NON-STOP talking..wat are u? a TALKING MACHINE???..but i like it..yela sy pendiam so i love those who are frenly..
2) u helped me N farahin A lot..we were new there..slalu kn tegur..but u were there, ajar kami..thanx buddy..u were our hero..(eww..wat im talking about? should i start puking now?)
3) u were the only one who invited me to joint the LUNCH PARTY..that was a day that the staffs were throwing a lunch party (my fren. farahin was fasting on that day) i was there, like dont knwo wat to do..! n kamo suruh sy mkn..thax ya..
 so here's our rock star..err i mean a DISNEY STAR

so how is it? s0ry for the inappropriate words..kidding2 je..who else want me to write about him/her?


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