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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Post Delivery; The Recovery

Hello there.. Assalamualaikum semua..

So I've been three different women (girl would suit me more i think hihi) in my life;

A daughter to my parents
A wife to my husband
A mom to my baby boy

The 1st few weeks of being mom was so tiring. believe me; the emotions, the tears, the recovery process..But after couple of months, i would say it is more like 'capture-all-the-moments;take-photos-and-videos-and-have fun-". Well a baby wont always be a baby. Be a perfect mom is not what i want. I rather focus on becoming my baby's bestEST bestfriend. U got what i mean?

And it does not change my status only, the reading materials is changing as well.

 Still keep these books and read them once in a while.

Shifting to these kind of books is never easy.. but i enjoy reading it..it  keeps me motivated and give me the new whole thing of being a new mom.

Saying a goodbye to immature me- its time to move on, i'm a mom afterall;

OK, So I was an avid reader of pregnancy books while i was pregnant and nowdayas a keen reader of baby-mommy books. But the things i read very little is about the recovery process after giving birth.Well, when i was about to search the book about the recovery after giving birth, i found it is not very much talked or discussed as much as pregnancy talks. Yes, things dont end when you give birth. And after my recent post about the wonderful and gruesome details of giving birth au naturel HERE, i think i would love to share the recovery process as well. Hopefully, someone can benefit from it. So happy reading peeps...

From my favourite pregnancy book 'Pregnancy, The Beginner's Guide'. Check it out ladies; the iilustration are super fancy and keep u read it till the end. Highly recommended with a good content as well.

The details are kinda...hurmm, i would say gross, but just know that im writing from my own experience, and i've only had ONE baby, giving birth to him naturally, so C-section recovery surely will be different from mine. And plus everyone's body is different, so you may or may not experience the same thing as mine. So here we go.. for your littlelaughter/enjoyment/horror:

But 1st, just a bit about my pantang (confinement) experience.
My pantang went like...eh-boring-giler-i-jus- cant-stan- the-44-days-in-the-house-so-i-honorly skip the parts. My pantang just went well bab makan2 je.. Wadehel i went out on the 5th day, then on the 2nd week, and so on..Watever the stubborn me always stubborn.

1) Pooping is scary; 
The toilet itself is scary for a coward girl like me. I remember back when the nurse asked me to pee the night after giving birth, I just refused because it feels like that im going to burst open my stitches. And then to start pooping err.. its kinda nightmare having yourself in the toilet pushing the poop when they are not ready to go out oppps because it is KERAS watsoever oppss.. I spent like 20-30 minutes on the potty and secretly grunting, moaning standing and sitting continuously. Ok its not a secret anymore wtf  haha.. and well i knew its common to have constipation after labor and it lasted about a month for me. SCARY huh?

Scary u know.

And here is my tips on how i ease my constipation. Ya its working

-Ask for stool softener, usually the doctor will give u, but ask for extra..
-Keep yourself well hydrated, and drink lots of plain water (in Malay culture, there is a pantang whereby a women cannot take lots of water after giving birth, kononnye takut perut buncit..well depends on u to believe or not, but for me, water is very important). Drinking fluids makes the stool softer and easier to pass and whenever u're breastfeeding, u'll get thirsty very often. So, drink a lot can help u get rid of constipation.
-Eat fruits and vege. I've taken orange and prunes and it works on me.
-Next, slump down and sitting up few times to get your tummy muscles working.

2) It hurts 'down' there
You may find yourself can walk, sit and stand. Yes, you can even go shopping for groceries, taking your baby to his first vaccination, but after one and half hour, u'll be at your limit.

So, ASK FOR HELP, girl. My husband spent a few days pulling me out of the bed. Don't expect yourself to be an independent hard core person u always be. This is the time to let you spouse to be helpmate and think of this as a precious time that u can lean on your life partner and best friend.

3) The pregnancy belly.
I remember back the next day after giving birth, i discover my belly had not turn to the normal size before pregnancy. I was silently crying and was like 'is it a part of me forever?' Being a first time mom, there's so much i don't know about haha. Silly me and now i know that your belly wont disappear the seconds your baby pops out.

What to expect is to have a contraction-feeling like whenever u're nursing your baby. This feeling is the signs that the uterus is shrinking to pre-pregnancy size. See how breastfeeding benefits both mommy and baby SUBHANALLAH. And the best part is, it helps mommies to lost the baby weight pretty faster you know. And for me i almost lost all the baby weight by now. Extra 3Kgs now is not a big deal for me.

And never expect yourself to be just like others. Bear in mind that some would recover fast while some others not. Give yourself a little extra time as you take 9 months to carry the baby. As long as the baby and you are healthy, so no worries about the other things. Take it slow and steaady, enjoy the moment mommies.

4) The Blood.
I would say, there is heavy flow of blood for the 1st two weeks. And for me its completely gone by week four, Expect yourself to wear the most comfortable panties with a gigantic pad u ever see. Those sexy panties, just put it away for couple of weeks hahaha.All you need to get comfortable in and out all the time.

5) And Your Hair Falls Out.
Dislike dislike dislike. When i wake up from my sleep, there's a lot of hair on the pillow.And..there's a lot more; on the floor, on the carpet,in the toilet,kitchen, under the couch and everywhere. It feels like u're moving to a new place called "The HAIR Island".

It started to happen when my baby was 3 months old. My raven and glorious pregnancy hair was suddenly hitting a point where they realize there's no more baby in me anymore and saying a goodbye to me. But now my baby is 5 months, the hair is back even though they still falling out. But its getting better Alhamdulillah. I did nothing for the treatment because i believe i will soon gone, and its true.. so don't worry mommies. this is so common, u know with hormonal changes, something surely will go haywire, but soon it will turn to normal.

Well, i think the recovery process is pretty good for me. After all- the little one that caused you to recover is worth it.

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