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Monday, 26 March 2012

me being a class leader is SUX

with everything that's been going on lately, i've been SO distracted and i'd probably forget my head if it wasnt attached to my neck.SERIOUSLY
PLZ allow me to bang myself now

         i never know that being a class leader can sometimes be so stressful. ya i got to admit that when lecturer got mad with me because of other student's mistake, the feeling is just so intense..and nothing i can do except blabbering  and give a free lecture to 'innocent-body-of-mine" (innocent ke?) , blaming myself that im not good enough to be a leader..and despite my face and body language remained completely unemotional, inside i always feel  a sudden surge of anger at everything, everyone..which make me such a complete hypocrite. huh! dear ALLAH, pls calm me down, and show me the right path..
gambar sekadar hiasan..wishing that i ca be this "cool"

another thing that i'm suck is when it comes to phone calls and text messages..usually when i checked my phone there will be like 5 unread messages and 7 or 8 miscalls from lecturers. so any important messages that i need to inform to other students only delivered to me 2 hours later..perhaps im not the type of person who got attached with my cell phone all the time..whenever im doing something important, lets say watching a movie(important ae?), i technically forget the fact that i own a cellphone.IM AWFUL AND HORRIBLE and i know it
sekali lagi aku letak gamna yg xde kaitan

OFFICIAL lists of how PATHETIC i am as a class leader:
 1) im not close with lecturer, im not friendly with them..
2) some students inform or discuss anything with lecturer without telling me 1st..i think its not fair for me, at             least inform me 1st so when other classmates ask me anything im not surprised with any changes made (well im the class leader, but it seems that i know the least..)
3) when people not paying attention the moment im announcing something in front of class, which required me to ask somebody else to do that for me.
4) when someone forward emotional SMS and people thought it was from me

hmm k la..byk lagi senanye nak tulis, but no idea,,the point is i clearly cannot satisfies everybody but one thing i can do is to do the best.. (w0w now im so SHAKESPEARE) bye!


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