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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

speechless wednesday

today cuti..no praktikal..and i was like yeaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!

today's missions is to complete the assignments, but i just end up having a social visit to facebook and youtube..

working is so tiresome, so i rewarded myself lying down on the bed, reading magazines and doing some sorts of unstressed activities..

walaupon byk keje x siap and tgk org laen buat asssignment dgn tekunnye, i personally have nothing to be disappointed or jaded because im kind of person who holding on to a principle which is "the older u are, the wiser u'll be" malam ni i lagi tua, so the wiser i'l be and therefore, the easier for me to complete the assignmet..brilliant enough?

yes, there will always be a few chauvinist along the way u make it go, urgh! but they're always outshone by the rare gems that make u go. because im kind of special girl with outstanding personality..xde kaitan pon, tulis merapu je


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