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Saturday, 3 September 2011

terima kasih sbb jemput saye..thanx a lot

 once upon time, in the unwell-known kingdom, there was a little girl who wanted to marry a prince. but he would have to be a real prince. she traveled the journey of her life to find a real one, but nowhere could she get what she wanted. there were prince enough, but it was difficult to find out whether they were real ones.she was sad, for she would have liked very much to have a real prince

one morning, a terrible storm came on: there was thunder and lightning, and the rain poured down in torrents, suddently a "beep beep" sound was heard from her handphone, a message received, and that girl went to read it."mari la jale raye umah man,ade wat makan ni,man berharap sgt kalo sue dpt dtg" err geli
that girl suddenly felt like fainting to read the msg. "HE could be my prince" she taught.."i must come!" plus she wanted to check out whether or not there will be another prince in that castle..sape tahu prince2 laen lg ensem..ehehe..

so the girl went to the castle, went with her nieces .dressed up in her febulos evening dress, in her extremely high wedges, drove her orange GEN2..70KM/J..enough for her..since she just passed her driving test..

15 mins driving. here she was..the kingdom of kubang golok..omg! wat a surprise..it looks like kampung..seriously..the cows, the sheeps, and the goats are everywhere..how can it will be a castle here?
but who cares, she believed there will be a real prince waiting for her in a huge, classic elegant castle..
but wait!..err what she just saw is a number of boys standing outside of a house, err some were sitting, while eating someting..

barbie dolls!! are they a real prince???...err...i believe they dont..dont they??? they are not prince rite?? they didnt look like a prince..bcoz they are not!no they are not!...they just a few frens of mine that i barely know..JIMAY, FATAN, YUSRI, FIRDAUS, err sape lagi eh?? xingat da...
there are not prince k..they just BOYS out of nowhere..i can say there are notty boys, whom loves to make jokes, eventhough they are not fiunny..tp gelak je la kan,..
k..sekian !
price from bukhingam palace

thats all gamba yg sy ade..thanx for inviting me..thanx jmay..and sory if u guys x suke saye  publish ur pic..but, ever since its a profile pic from fb, i believe kamu sume x marah..ok..c ya next raye..insyaalah

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