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Friday, 10 April 2015

Great Tips for Breastfeeding.

Hi and Assalamualaikum to all mommies out there. Hopefully all mommies is going through a happy and exciting mommy-hood today.. :)

It is every mom's dream to breastfeed their baby. However, with no experience and knowledge, breastfeeding can be very tough. I remember back after the second day of giving birth to my baby Arish, there was no supply of milk at all. Im so frustrated that i couldn't feed him with breast milk. What can i say is mungkin bukan rezeki Arish untuk minum susu mommy. Afterall, susu formula juga rezeki dari Allah untuk my litte boy. But a week after that, the breast milk supply return to normal, in fact, Arish receive endless supply of breast milk until today (my baby is 6 month now) Alhamdulillah

And the first month of my breastfeeding journey was the toughest thing i ever done, mungkin sebab tak biasa. As a first timer mommy, there's a lot i didn't know about. So i think i want to share with all first timer mommy to be out there in terms what u need to know about breastfeeding. Getting ready mentally and gain as much as possible the information about breastfeeding is very crucial to help you get ready as the baby will arrive soon.

These are from my own experience. Happy to share it and hopeful someone can benefit from it.  

1) Make Sure To Sit Comfortably.

The reason why a mom need to sit as comfortable as they can while feeding the baby is mainly because the feeding can last from 10 minutes to an hour, If every feeding is 10 minutes, then its ok. How about if it is going to be 4o minutes? Can mommies bear sitting uncomfortably along that duration? Well, what i do is to sit on my favorite couch every time i feed my baby. That the most comfortable spot for me. So girls, just sit comfortably with your back well-supported. Place baby on U-shaped feeding cushion/pillow ( i guna bantal jerr) so you don't tired your arms.

2. Gather Everything You Need.

Have a glass of water ready by your side that you can easily grab (a breastfeeding mom will get thirst very often, so drink a lots can help to replenish fluids), a book, your handphone, TV remote control as feeding may take time. Then when baby is latched on, sit back and try to relax.

3. Is the Baby Ready? 

What to do is gently stroke your baby's cheek with the back of fingers to trigger his rooting reflex, which make him open his mouth and make a root to the nipple.

4. Latch On

 I was having the difficult time trying to get my baby latch on to the nipple before. Getting your baby to latch on is the key to easy feeding. A baby should take the areola (dark area around nipple) as well as the nipple into his mouth and start drinking.

Feeding position 

5. Wear a Fitted Maternity Bra

For a mom, the breast will feel uncomfortably full all times, so a supportive bra is essential, Usually it has a clip opens the cups for easy access. Well sometimes i feel sad looking through my sexy push up bras. Just keep them for a while. I will be back for u soon yaa hahaha ..

6. Sore Nipples, Sore Breast

To avoid sore nipples, apply lanonin-based cream nipple. So before giving birth, just prepare the cream. Ya you better be prepared mommies! And if the breast becomes engorged, feeding can relieve fullness. That is one of the signs that your baby is hungry.

7. Be positive, Keep Going!!!

As i mentioned before, the first few days or perhaps few weeks can be very challenging, but once you've got the hang of it, breastfeeding provides instant food for your baby, anytime, anywhere, with the right temperature. Cool isn't it?

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