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Friday, 20 April 2012

write me a happy ending

dear myself who no longer a girl, not yet a woman,,,
i have so much to be thankful for..these few weeks have been full up with ups and downs, but mostly ups for sure.. ALLAH has been so good to me, to my life as well.

 now i can focus on my study and feel better yet confident with myself. love love love it! cant say enough about it. CLINICAL PRACTICE has been less that stellar ,but the evenings are devoted to stress free fun. i dont even let myself think about my frustrating day if i ever have once. with great friends around me, im working on a goal to better and better on the next day. 

the biggest thing i am thankful for is my friendship with my besties..they strengthen me in many ways , which build my confidence and stuff...  
thus, for the 1st time ever, i , the brand new Shakespeare write a poem, dedicate to my fellow friends:


 dear my goody girly cheeky CHUBBY girlfriends,
OMG im writing a poem entitled "our friendship  will never end",
and gosh, now your eyes tearing, your heart being touched,
what a pleasure to have me as your bestfriend

your teeth is yellowish, everybody's  familiar with,
but still sharing the same straw, we can bear with,
LANTAKLAH, because its a matter of inner-shine rather than impaired teeth,
hahhahah..dont worry you're always my bestfriends even if u lose ur teeth

da xde idea plak,
ngantuk sgt lepas makan mee goreng mamak...daaaaaaaa



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