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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Make READING as Your Habit

Assalamualaikum and hi people..

Me currently is sitting in a restaurant writing this entry, ya u know spending some quality time with husband.
Because today is public holiday, so we basically have no mission to accomplish. Just few mission maybe to be completed today; -wake up - survive and back to sleep.. what a wonderful day!

OK i have nothing much to be written here. just would like to introduce a book that i bought for myself few weeks back.  This book is very fancy one, but i think it helps a lot to set my goal. It was printed in a cartoonish font, make it look different than any usual motivation book. Seriously i love to read, and this book make me want to keep reading it. And u know the smell of new book...wangi sgt NERDS!  what special about this book is simply bcoz u can b the co-author of the book. Don't get what i mean? ok lets get to know "THE ART OF GETTING STARTED" book of self-motivation.
it has my name on it. bcoz im the co-author of the book.

The Front Cover (pic taken from google)

You have like spaces provided to write ur future planning..and it was prepared in a very cute way. it so cool, the author guide u what u suppose to write to keep u motivated.

fill it wit positive words..this is the very 1st page of the book

the cutey cutey font..love it!

and here comes my fav part..u know writing essays is my masterpiece since high schoold.. i definitely will update the story here once im done with this!

ok peeps. see ya soon.. btw, u can purchase this book at almost all d independent book store : MPH, KINOKUNIYA watsoever..thanx for reading

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