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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Resepi Butter Chicken with Lemon

My version of roasted butter chicken with lemon
Welcome to my cooking class recipe..hiks. My husband is the person responsible for this awesomeness. Because i've been trying to cut his calories, well u know, im trying so hard to help him eat healthy food and lose some weight..pff im so worried that he loves to eat so much ;(..

And so, it's a very simple recipe and go well with those who's been cutting calories. Nak diet boleh try resepi ni. It involves marinating chicken parts with couples of ingredients before roasting it. Easy and delicious, u can't go wrong, unless u hate lemon or butter. 

So let loose ur lemon-cry and lets begin:

The 'what u needs'


(2-3 packs)
Ingredients A
2 cloves of garlic (No need to peel it)

1 fresh lemon

1-2 TBS fresh parsley

1 TBS black-pepper (or as much as u like)

A pinch of Dry Rosemary (optional)

Oregano (As much as u like, i put 1 tbs only)

Mixed herbs (optional)

Ingredients B
Buttercup (2-3 TBS)

1/2 Chicken

Ok now lets start from the beginning: preheat the oven for 160C for 15-20 mins.
Prepare the ingredients to marinade the chicken:

1) Heat the butter in pan the until it is imelting.

2) Put all the ingredients A into the melted butter in the pan.

3) Place the chicken and mix it with all the ingredients and leave it for about 30 minutes. Make sure to dry the chicken with the kitchen towel before mix it with the other ingredients to taste the crispy effect at the end.

4) Place the chicken on the aluminium foil .

5) Fold the aluminum foil and place it on the baking tray

6) Slow roast it for 90 minutes.

7) Take the chicken out from the oven and drain some juice from it ( but u can keep this juice to be serve later, it taste very buttery and lemony).
the chicken half way done

8) Roast the chicken again for 15-30 minutes with 200C untill the skin is nice and browned. At this point u don't need to fold the chicken with aluminium foil. Always observe the chicken because u really want a moist-not-overcook piece of chicken. Overcook chicken is always taste terrible. 

9) Serve it with pasta or u just can enjoy it just like that.

Selamat mencuba.. well try it urself. u cant never go wrong. it taste good and healthy as well.

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