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Monday, 8 August 2011

i prefer nasi ok!

its ramadhan, and i've been thinking 2 grab dis opportunity to lose some weight..so i was on a strict diet on dis couple days n it screw me up..
    my stomach was rumble n i was s000 hungryy.!! diet MAUT la katakan..s0 i went downstair to the fridge and heat up up one of those frozen dinners. a pasta one, with creamy sauce.. (canned campbel's creamy sauce) yum yum..those packets are pretty small..i even managed two!! (hahaha..diet made me starving!)
then, gues wat i found in fridge? here we go..gardenia's butterscotch bread, left over chocolate cake, and some left over kuih muih (actually a lot) i just couldn't decide which one i want..so i grabbed all of them , eating n watching tv..n the result was: i ATE everything..none left.!!.hehe
but i stil hungry..so i just went to check the freezer for one more luck.. n luckily there were hershey'schocolate (dark chocolate k, so dats means less sugar ok!) n i found HL's fresh milk( low fat yee)

so as i decided to keep the left over milk into the fridge, i found a bag of honey roasted peanut. well, there weren't walnut (which is good to eat if u're on diet) but they stil nuts aren't they?they stil going to b good for me..so i open the bag and pour out a large of handful into the bowl..yeah!
wel,  forget all those stupid "grilled fish,oatmeal (yucks, rase nk muntah je mkn oat,),carrots, celery, 8 glasses of water and dats it for the whole day..?! sy boleh mati cani
hell no! i cant take it..i prefer nasi ok??! lapar kot..then i end my nite with NASI..2 pinggan (ade "g" ke xde "g" ye?x th la..sy ore klate etek )..

n finally BURPP..kenyang kot..so wat else? tdo jom!


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