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Friday, 12 August 2011

the freakish windows

the windows..
there's milion of tales behind ur existence..
to be revealed by me today..

 the windows..
sometimes i close u as close as p0sible
while sometime i just let u open..as wide as u can..
so that i can take a long, deep breath in fresh air...
and let my silky raven hair waves beautifully 
and those wil make me feel like a supermodel..
doing a photo shoot  

the windows...
the best spot to suicide..(no! i neva do this)
but then i scare..the fact dat i wont die
coz my room only at level two
the worst, may be a small injury
like  broken legs or arms.

the windows..
plz tell others downstairs 
to remain silent
coz i wanna sleep, passionately..
plz warn them to shut up their mouth..
giving a princess some precious time to rest in peace...can u do that windows?

the windows..
why u remain there unspoken?..
the moment monkeys coming..
to steal my foods..roti,nasi bungkus,kuih muih dah sebagainye
that i just bought from cafe lot 4
why? why? why? why u silent.??.
plz neva let these crazy monkeys..
enter my room..
and escape with some sort of snacks with them ..
dont u scare?
dont u worry?
that they will harm me?
dont cha?
owh plz the windows..

the windows..
a big thank to u
u always let me know..whom dating who..
u let me see clearyly..brightly..delightfully
when a guy waiting his girl in the car..
when a girl walking gracefully towards her guy..
with ropol ropol selendang
in high heels
doing cat walks
to go for a date
somewhere i have no idea where

 and yeah the windows..
thanx for allowing me to be a gossip girl..
being a busiest girl in the planet earth
wont be easy without u..the windows


  1. nice...i like it...florin

  2. panda awok sajok eh..pasal jenelo pom buleh wat sajok..kretih bedooh ni..awok la stalker selama ni? dok ita kok tikap..pecoh rahsia

  3. florin simile thanx..but u dont fully understand rite? since there were some malay words..anyway thanx again

  4. missing ur window kt uia ke?huhu


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