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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A letter to barbie dolls..

Assalamualaikum ..
dear babrie dolls,
New sem just taking place, and it's me with broken heart writing from uia Kuantan just to let u girls know that I'm not doing awesome here..well, the moment I'm writing dis, I'm in the middle of 'sectional anatomy' session paying no attention at all..
It's not I'm naughty or wat, but it just I'm not feeling well today, running nose, sore throat, fewer really worsen my day...sob sob...sob..sob and sob again..I'm not crying but then I'm trying to prevent something flowing out of my nose..( u know practically what I'm doing..remember i mentioned running nose just now?)sound gross I know, but it just me..hehe..

Barbie dolls,
I wish u r here,share all the joy and laughter together..I miss our high school, where only girls there,laughing, gossiping, backbiting, hugging, jumping, watching Korea together..even sleeping pon same2, but we're not lesbIan..don't we? Erk, nauzubillah..those were the sweetest moment that ever happen to me..to u girls as well..
But , it was 5 years ago, we now growing older and older each and everyday, where things seem to be very different..but then, just one thing remain the same, our FRIENSHIP..
I miss u dear friends..n hopefully our friendship won't fade away..


  1. hana...!!! miss you too... mis u a lots... wanna meet u & the other again.. muaahhh!!

  2. Mee too.so sad that we're apart from each other...demam ni...

  3. haaanaaaa! get well soon! baru tgk gmba beraya kite ari tu kt album sasa. huhu. ^^ byk memori tuuu. ;) i miss you too, bebeh!! -giNa

  4. Da sehat dah..haha,...sekejap je..thane doll"


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