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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

He's going to be a naaaavyyyyyy

Every nite in my dreams
I see you
I feel you
That is how I know u go on
Near , far, wherever you are..(in extremely high pitch)
I believe that my heart will go on..
What the next lyric aa?

Enough enough !
I warn you I'm not Celine dion or Christina aguilera, but I can't help my beautiful voice when it comes to singing..really sorry for dat

Btw, I just woke up, and I was a in a decent mood..hmmm..for about 30 seconds..
All the memories with ' a-navy-to-be'came flooding in my mind like a massive tidal wave..why on earth I still thinking of him? He was a total jerk that I must get rid of..yes I have to be strong!!! But then I'm thinking to give him a bouquet of roses that I can order from Sarah, just to congrats him on his graduation day..next couple weeks from now..
i want to bomb those who design the navy's uniform..if they dont hv this kind of  uniform, i wont fall in love with N (not  his real name)

No! No! I shouldn't..y should i give him something while he the one who hurt me b4? and y make someone ur priority while he just make u as an option..? Yes! Dats pretty much awesome decision...remain silent and act like nothing ever happened,,

Ok now stop thinking about that.What I really want to do now is to crawl deep under my "looney tunes"comforter and hide there for the rest of the day..do not disturb!!!!!!!!!!


  1. gimme ur love to me. i'll love u forever..hehehe...


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