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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

she deserves better

above is my pic with bibik..this time around, my entry basicly will be about my maid..among all maid dat my family had bef0re, i can say she is the best ..so im gonna write something about her..hopefuly she'l read dis n know how much i appreciate her (err, bibik nt blk indon,online terus baca blog saya ya.._hehe)
     i realy feel sory for her.. i see the determination in her, come all the way from indon , leaving ur kids n husband,  to gv an endless service to a family just to earn RM 500 monthly.

     guys, try to put urself into her shoes (bibik pakai kasut ke? err...not so sure)...her jobs starts as early as 6a.m everyday including weekend (fyi, she stars at 4 a.m during ramadhan) n only will stop at 10 -11p.m EVERYDAY..can u imagine that???
     she once said "bibik kalo mkn terus sedih, ingat sama anak, udah mkn ke belom" how touching kan? i tel u wat,.im not kind of emotional girl who easily touched by a few simple words..but for s0me reasons i felt like crying at that moment..
     see.. betapa susahnye die, surviving in one's country for some value of money..
she has no hanfon to keep in touch with her family..just once in a while she'l use my m0m's hp to call her family..she must mis her family so freaking bad i gues..

 to my lovely bibik, im s0 sory becoz i rarely help u..u hv much more works whenever im home rite? huhu..i feel bad towards myself's attitude..i'l help u as much i can ok?? i pr0mis!! (boleh caye ke??) har HAR..
 so dis is me ,promising to help u..(tp jangn caye sgt eh)


  1. owh..this realy a nice story..

  2. good writing. see, how lucky nya kite from amruYusoff

  3. hana, sengal! haha. i rindu bibik u yg nama : TikaSari.

  4. tika sari da balik indon ok!
    oh touchingnye bile ABE AM komen..hehe

  5. bibik tu ada anak pompuan tak? hehehe

    untg dpt mak mentua rajin:)

  6. sape la cryclown ni..gatal betoi


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