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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

i H.E.A.R.T u

i just hate u!.wel i tried not to, but then im just a human being.who got feelings to love and to be loved, not to be criticized in every single way...u such a blabbermouth who loves to hurt my feeling n yet make me down..
 who are u then? a perfect monster??
whoever u think u are, i just hate u for ur mouth
who are u to critic me?
who are u 2 judge me?
ya i know im lack in "look department"..but u got no right to critic me, saying that im ugly doesnt make u prettier..while claiming that im short, doesnt make u taller..
u know wat? if u critic GOD'S creation, dat meant u are criticizing GOD HIMself..
i know u're not joking, since im not the only one u love to critic,it just a part of ur hobby i gues.
  u always cancel at las minutes..when we promised to hang out together on satuday, Giving me thousands of fake excuses..dats wat u usualy did..wat u think i am? u leave me in the lurch and trying to find somewhere to go so that i dont sit at home feeling upset  about being ditched!. and yet i neva receive any apology from u..wad the???....hey to tel u the truth, u're not only my frens..i can hang out with other girls for sure..its no worth to go out with u...YA ALLAH, plz send this girl to AMAZON.. to be served as dinner to piranha there..serve u right! ( i should't talk dis way..but ..ahh wateva, skt hati!!)
 and yet ur blabbermourt always ****** about every single one of my besties..i know when im not around u'l probably doing the same thing to me..dont cha?? ..sory for not answering ur kol and ur sms..just let me alone for this moment..ok? im sory
 ok btw, i dont mean to ****** u here..but just to tell u the truth..thats how u treat me and other frens..and now we're trying to do something just to make u realize..on behalf of our  frens, im writing this, hoping u read this , for GOD sake, plz change buddy

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