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Monday, 1 August 2011


     finally i own a blog..N oficially, now it is my blog..so technically, i can write jez anything i like here..but suprisingly, i've no idea what 2 blog on?? well there's a loads to write..just anything!
     but then..a blog is kinda freaking me out, ever since there's plenty of bloggers today ..it bcome a trend  n its getting popular among girls wit shawl. ..doing some hijab tutorialS n yet post it on Utube..did u guys notice these??  ITs ScarE ME if some might thinks that i start bloging for  GLAM n publisity and sj nk ngade2 tiru style bdak2 skang....xde la..it just i love to read  blogs from blogers especialy from those who publish bunch of their photos..kinda interesting..n annoying sometimes..(owh, did i just mentioned ANNOYING??..im not sure..)..

     am i jeles?? ya!! i do...
     seriusly?? ya!! serius!
     r u kiding me??? ya..im kiding..but sometimes ya,,so y dont i start mine? well i think im kinda g0od in writing..(boleh plak  ckp camni? perasan ke ?)..

hey.dis is not d rite way of wearing selendang ok!

.im not blowing my own trumpet, but its just the fact that i was announced to get the highest marks in BM PENULISAN when i was form5..hehe (girls, u might forgot diz, bt i still rememba, d m0ment MR ROZEK asked me 2 read my essay 0ut l0ud in front clas c0z he said my esey was bl0o0ody g0od)..so that means my writing was good? agree or not,it wont bother me..HAR har

btw, i had a tough time to choose layout n font type for my blog..its like choosing a husband i gues..n i end up using"bintang2" background n superb HUGE font size..its for easy viewing..comel rite? but i  ensure that there's no pInk..i hate PINK..its a litle girl's color..benci pink!!

     alrite, HEPI bLOging TO me!..hoping to get ur supp0rt..my language sux, grammar everywer, spelling out..but plz feel free to drop any coment/suggestion..


  1. blog dl rubbish..huhu..delete da..thanx buddy! bukak p0se same2 dis weekend..belanje i!

  2. insyaAllah. no prob. miss u! :D


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