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Friday, 5 August 2011

when ur class is canceled!

     its me again, HANA,, writing from TIMES sqUARE, new YORK, doing runaway n photoshoot for ELLE magazine to becoming NIGERIA's next top model..wel,  my INCREDIBLE long legs cannot stand  for another 50 more frames, need to take a short break , n plus there's noBOdy wants totalk to me, since my BRITISH accent is killing them..(HAR har HAr..plz blame my blabbermouth for talking nonsense !)..
    ok..enuff with my modeling, i jus dont want to talk abouit this now, mb next entry ok.?
    .lets talk about the topic above..olrite, im pretty sure that every student ever experienced a situation where the class need to be canceled or p0sponed..penah kan? an an? mesti pnah..KONFEM..s0 wat do u feel about it? frustrated? broken heart? or ur heart just filled with LOADS of joyment? honestly, if dis situation ever happen to me i will cry pleasantly, n SOmetimes perfoming mr bean's dance scenes..ha cam kt bwh ni ha..

 then, i'l spend  the free hours within dat canceled class by studying..tgk ni ha, sy study maut cam katak ni time free bile klass cancel..gigih x ? (im a BIG FAT liar!! har HAAR..haR)..
clas cancel mmg best kan, ?? btw,one thing to remember, the moment u got the msg, it is the most exciting news, but, how bout the replacement class? ok here's the list of numerous types of cancellation clas..

  1.   the clas is totaly cancel..means there's no replacement clas..yg ni plg best kan??
  2. U're ready to go to clas..but suddently receive an sms.".hana, klas cancel"..fyi, ini mmg slealu terjadi kat saye..msg sampai lambat whereas, im ready with my bj kurung (jubah sometimes),make up p0n dah, n sometimes i  already in car..sabo jela
  3. the clas is posp0ned ..replacement clas is made on the same day..but then at the same day u got so many classes..n the worst u got quiz on tomorow morning..GOSH, wat do u feel? start to stress rite??
  4. class is posponed to weekend where u decided to go home..dis is a complete disaster!! totaly unacceptable..dis is when i wil be so stress, dipress, hvg heart attack, diabetes (hah? kencing manes?) n the worst DIE.    


  1. no body like class cancel

  2. nothing special on class cancel..but worse of money...lol...time...but we got happiness...so still dun like....~~~~i love the way i lie...~~

  3. tipu r kalo x suke class kancel..


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